Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, June 11

  • Fate of Obama Center Could Be Determined by Outcome of Tuesday Hearing (Tribune)
  • Merchants Are Concerned About the 3-Year Closure of Their Local Red Stops for RPM (CBS)
  • Newly Released Video Shows the Police-Involved Crash That Killed Verona Gunn, 84 (ABC)
  • Doctor Who Was Biking to Work Helped Save Driver Who Crashed Onto LFT (NBC)
  • Pedestrian Crashes Dropped 10% in Evanston, but Overall Crashes Rose (Evanston Now)
  • Man Who Photoed Plate of Car in Dooring Crash Seeks Help Getting Info to the Cyclist (Chainlink)
  • Residents Say New LED Street Lights Aren’t as Bright as the Old Ones (Sun-Times)
  • Tour Englewood on the Roll N Peace Bike Ride on 6/14, 6 PM at Englewood Square

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  • Alexander Kessler

    I wonder if the streetlights in some neighborhoods are simply “turned down” compared to others? These knew lights can have their brightness controlled remotely. They recently replaced the lights in my neighborhood and they are plenty bright. I was just thinking last night (about 10:00pm) that it was almost like midday looking down the street.

    Part of this may be a sort of optical illusion as well, since the lights are aimed downwards and produce less light pollution. It might seem darker because we’re used to light being distributed evenly up 2-3 floors. These new lights are brighter at street level (in my neighborhood at least), but it gets quickly darker above street level.

  • Laker

    These LED lights can create dark spots and intensify dark shadows, so they can be a safety hazard

  • david vartanoff

    Appears the federal judge found a way to dismiss the lawsuit over the Obama shrine. Too bad as ruining parkland when there are large areas of vacant or nearly vacant land on the South Side is ugly.

  • what_eva

    The suit was very different from the Lucas museum. That involved public trust land (ie reclaimed lakefront). The Obama site does not. The suit didn’t have basis. Chicago Park District can sell whatever land they want (even though they aren’t in this case). There is zero law stating that parkland must always remain parkland.

  • Mandark

    The lawsuit was based on the public trust doctrine:

    The district court said that doctrine did not apply. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals will now decide if the district court was correct or not.

  • what_eva

    Oh wow, didn’t realize that. I wonder what basis? The Lucas site was pretty clearly reclaimed lake bed. The Obama site pretty clearly isn’t.