Today’s Headlines for Monday, May 13

  • 24 Aldermen Have Endorsed Active Trans’ Call for 100 Miles of New Bikeways
  • Driver Who Killed Linda Havlin, 68, While Speeding in Reverse Gets 2 Tickets (Sun-Times)
  • Pickup Driver Who Seriously Injured Girl, 7, on Bike, Fled the Scene on Foot (CBS)
  • Boy, 14, Charged With Shooting Two Men at Argyle Station, Released (Tribune)
  • Attempted Sexual Assault on the Lakefront Trail Near Balbo (Tribune)
  • Active Trans Calls for a 20 MPH Speed Limit on Lakefront Trail (Sun-Times)
  • Curbed Has Updated Its “Transformative Ideas for Chicago Transportation” Post

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  • FlamingoFresh

    Re: 24 Aldermen Have Endorsed Active Trans’ Call for 100 Miles of New Bikeways

    Maybe I missed it, but I clicked the link but I could find a list of the 24 Aldermen who endorse the bikeways. Where I could find the list of Aldermen? It would be good to start listing all political representatives to better hold them accountable.

  • rduke

    How about working towards a 20mph speed limit for motor vehicles on surface streets before policing relatively harmless cyclists and trail users?

  • That is messed up that someone could speed in reverse in their car going the wrong way, kill someone with their car (accidental or not) and not be charged with involuntary manslaughter! We just don’t value human life above the rights of car owners which is absolutely perplexing.

  • I’ll absolutely second this, but really if Chicago’s streets aren’t designed for 20 mph feeling natural to car drivers (which almost none of them do), 20 mph isn’t going to make much of a difference unless there’s speed cams.

  • rohmen

    I’d settle for actual enforcement of 25. As it stands, a 20 mph speed limit on the path will be enforced the same as the 25 mph limit on local streets, which is not at all.

  • Courtney

    Beat me to it! We need a 20 MPH speed limit on CDOT streets. I’d love to include IDOT but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Courtney

    I’m a big fan of camera enforcement of speed limits. There’s the elimination of bias and the risk of a police officer shooting an innocent person of color over a minor infraction.

  • Agreed, but what about just putting our streets and the lanes on major road diets so we look more like one of our peer cities, London? That naturally keeps cars moving much slower and requires zero technology or additional energy to “enforce.”

  • Maxit

    Boy, 14, Charged With Shooting Two Men at Argyle Station, Released (Tribune)

    The gang that this suspect belonged to used him to make the hit, because an underage suspect won’t do hard time for murder. How is he even released by the judge, given the fact that there are 20 gang members now gunning for him?

  • rohmen

    I live in Oak Park, and the roads are narrow enough when people are parked on both sides of the street it mimics a road diet. People still speed down the streets at over 25. It’s an american culture thing, and I’m not optimistic road design alone will fix it, though it certainly plays a role here for sure on many streets.

  • Courtney

    I’m cool with that as well. I also know even with road diets people will speed. My neighborhood of Rogers Park has speed bumps on Greenview and plenty of people still speed to the next stop sign.

  • Jacob Wilson

    For many cyclists who live in the city there is literally nowhere else to train other than the LFP. I live on the far northside so I ride on the north shore but if you live downtown or in any more central neighborhood you have to ride an hour just to get out of the city which means it’s impossible to find time to train.

    So by setting a limit a speed limit on the LFP you’d essentially be eliminating the sport of cycling as a reality for most Chicagoans. NYC has the roads in central park, west coast cities in the mountains are geographically smaller and have less sprawl. Really all Chicago has unless you want to make an all day trek to the burbs is the LFP.

    I know there’s a lot of disdain here sometimes for people who like to ride fast and race but like it or not without those riders (who are also often hardcore commuters) the local bike scene would be weaker and cars would be more dominant.

    I think it’s important to consider that serious recreational cyclists are a legitimate group of path users and deserve accommodation just like commuters and joyriders.

    That said, there’s no excuse for riding recklessly in congested areas mostly downtown and on the northside. But it’s a political certainty that any speed limit imposed on the northside will be in effect on the southside which has PLENTY of space for fast and slow riders to coexist.

  • Lets speed camera enforce a 20-25 mph limit on the inside lane of LSD and encourage cyclist usage.

  • rohmen

    Google maps street view will show you any OP streets you want to check out. Garfield is probably one of the narrowest two-way streets in OP (when cars are parked on it, which is almost always), though the vast majority of two-way side streets in the Village are narrow enough that cars cannot safely pass without yielding and waiting when cars are parked on both sides. Cars do slow down and typically yield when that happens, but even with the narrower street, many speed up until that “choke” point arises.

    Like I said, I think the re-design would help, but I think its a cultural thing in the U.S. for many to go as fast as they can unless flow of traffic itself stops them.

  • skelter weeks

    They should put speed bumps or humps on the Lakefront Trail. That would slow the speeders down.