A Cheat Sheet to the “Chicago Tonight” Dockless Electric Scooter Safety Discussion

Riding a scooter in the WTTW parking lot. Image: Chicago Tonight
Riding a scooter in the WTTW parking lot. Image: Chicago Tonight

I had a good time discussing dockless electric scooter safety issues in advance of Chicago’s June 15 pilot launch on WTTW’s current affairs show “Chicago Tonight” with host Phil Ponce for a segment that aired last night. In case you’re short on time, here’s a list of the topics we covered.

00:00: Where the pilot will take place

00:35: What is a dockless electric scooter

01:35: What’s it like riding a dockless scooter, and why does it appeal to some people?

02:15: One-third of all injuries to scooter users take place during first rides on a scooter

02:30: Do I feel safe riding an e-scooter?

02:50: How do they handle potholes?

03:05: Recent safety study done in Austin, Texas

03:35: Comparing recent scooter fatalities to bike-share deaths

04:00: Why is bike-share so much safer than scooters?

04:35: Will Chicago have a helmet requirement for scooters?

05:25: How do you park dockless scooters?

05:55: The scooter vandalism issue

06:25: Scooters can replace car trips and serve as a link to transit

07:00: Scooters can help raise political support for more protected car-free lanes

Watch the “Chicago Tonight” segment here. 



  • Mary Wisniewski

    Nice job.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Thanks Mary. Have you taken a ride on one of these gizmos yet? I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on the experience!

  • Mary Wisniewski

    I have and wrote about it a bit in November. It was easier than expected (I’m not good on skateboards). But like you, I’m an experienced cyclist and know to be careful, watch the road for potholes, wear a helmet, don’t wear headphones, etc.