Today’s Headlines for Thursday, February 7

  • How the Polar Vortex Spotlighted Weaknesses in Regional Transit (Tribune)
  • Sale of Land Approved at West End of 606 for 100% Affordable Development (Block Club)
  • Man in Critical Condition After Being Shot While Biking in Austin (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Who Killed Amira Nairat, 15, Was Arrested and Released Hours Before Crash (NBC)
  • Metra’s Winnetka Station to Close Ticket Office in 5 Months (Sun-Times)
  • Can We Build Ashland BRT Already? Baby Born on the #9 en Route to Hospital (Block Club)
  • At Least $70K in High-End Bikes Have Been Stolen From Local Shops (Block Club)
  • A Cultural History of the Chicago Avenue Bridge, Currently Under Repair (Weakform)
  • “ON TO 2050: Exploring the Plan’s Digital Implementation Tools” Talk 2/21 at UIC

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  • Carter O’Brien

    It never ceases to amaze me how the 606/Bloomingdale Trail can be “all things to all people,” as if you go to some of the FB conversations on this there are people both wailing that this portends the next Cabrini Green as well as rampant gentrification.

    Kinda hard to see how it can be both, unless I suppose you take the (extremely) long view that Cabrini suppressed property values that later were flipped by speculators and developers in the know regarding when it was going to be torn down. But not even Chicago is that diabolical… are we?

  • david vartanoff

    About Ashland Ave, so how is the express doing? Can we get traffic signal priority or “queue jump” bus only green lights without millions for cute stations? How about all-door boarding/POP so that the bus just loads and goes? Most of this should be cheap and doesn’t require massive DEIR. EIR. etc studies. The traffic signal system should be a co-project with the Fire Dept. which clearly has a need for the same advantages at intersections. I understand that there is less opportunity for ribbon cutting, patronage handouts, but the improvements for riders could be done before the baby (born on a #9) goes to kindergarten. .