Today’s Headlines for Monday, February 4

  • How Faster Transit Service Could Help Connect the Suburbs (Active Trans)
  • Southwest Organizing Project Talks With Residents About Their Bus Experiences (Active Trans)
  • Mayoral Candidate Armara Enyia Cities Equity Issues With Chicago Bike and Car Ticketing (Crain’s)
  • Ana Fernandez, 77, Died After Being Struck on 1/2 in Belmont Heights, Driver Cited (Sun-Times)
  • Closed Since Wednesday, MED Resumes Service Today on Modified Schedule (Sun-Times)
  • Man Arrested After Stabbing on Cicero Green Line Platform (Sun-Times)
  • Track Issues Delayed Blue Line Trains Near Jefferson Park (Sun-Times)
  • Where Can I Park My Bike Downtown in the Loop (Chainlink)
  • Black Cycling Great Major Taylor, Who Died in Chicago, Featured in Superbowl Ad (Sun-Times)

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  • planetshwoop

    Two points about PACE having “transit corridors” that are worth commenting on:
    1) I feel a small detail but significant blocker for bus adoption are the stations. It would be helpful if part of any repaving budget or village initiative would put some money into the bus stops. In the winter they are snow blocked and other parts of the year they are insanely dangerous to trek from one strip mall to the other across strips of grass or baking pavement.

    I’m not sure what it would do to the schedules to incorporate them into shopping centers or other shelters (ie, pull in to the Jewel to pick people up) but that has to be a key part of the planning for suburban transit improvements.

    2) All three of the suggested routes mention O’Hare. It is a huge employer, and non-CTA access blows. Not to mention connections from the airport to nearby employment centers like Schaumberg. Metra tried to put train routes to help with that. So even if that fails, so long range planning on a networked set or BRTs to connect bus services would make a difference for mobility. The bones are there with the I-90 work and the planned Motorola campus changes, but it requires cooperation between DuPage, the city (O’Hare) and suburban Cook which is hard. Time for a task force.

  • Russiancreme

    Re: Shopping centers

    That will be a major battle as the property owners don’t want buses driving on their property. They’ll say it’s for the safety of their shoppers/maintenance costs of maintaining roadways to support heavy buses. Buffalo, NY has a pretty infamous case surrounding its Walden Galleria.

  • Dennis McClendon

    Dozens of existing Pace lines enter shopping centers.