Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, January 22

  • Pace Needs to Think Outside the Box to Boost Falling Ridership (Tribune)
  • Macy’s Gives Pedway a Big Cleanup After Story About Mess (Tribune)
  • Driver Fatally Struck Man, 28, in Barrington Hills Late Saturday (Tribune)
  • Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy Killed in Head-on Crash in Mount Greenwood (WGN)
  • Police Seek Driver Who Seriously Injured Woman, 28, Near Wrigley Last Month (Sun-Times)
  • $1M Settlement for Family of Crash Victim Robbie Silva, 11, After Alleged Cover-up (Tribune)
  • Driver Apprehended After Fleeing Multi-car Injury Crash in Englewood
  • Major Delays on Red, Purple, Yellow Lines After Switching Problem at Jarvis (Tribune)
  • Steven Malkmus Discusses the Meaning of “Bike Lane“, Plays Metro Wednesday (Tribune)

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  • planetshwoop

    There is very little doubt in my mind that Uber/Lyft are killing Pace.

    There’s a theme that bus ridership is on the decline. In cities, some of it is probably cycling. I doubt that’s the case in the suburbs. So it could be many things (increased car ownership?) but I suspect that Uber/Lyft are eating into the ridership.

    If Uber does go public this year like they have planned, it will be interesting to see if the subsidization of its rides will continue or if they raise prices. (Or pay drivers less.)

  • Jeremy

    I think you are correct.

    I went to a concert last month in Rosemont. I took the Blue line to Rosemont to catch the Pace shuttle. There were more than 50 people waiting for the shuttle. The wait was so long, most people (including me) started to take taxis and Uber/Lyft.

    To get back to the city after the show, I took a Lyft with a couple of people instead of waiting for a Pace shuttle that may have never showed up. The nearby shopping center was filled with people (at least 200+) waiting for Uber/Lyft.

  • BlueFairlane

    I’ve never used Uber/Lyft, and I can’t see that I ever will, but I’ve always wondered about the logistics at a major event. Example: I went to a Dodger game in Los Angeles last summer, and on the way out (I walked), I noticed a line of at least 50 Uber/Lyfts.

    If there are 200+ people waiting in the same place for an Uber/Lyft, how do you know which Uber/Lyft is yours? How do people find each other?