Today’s Headlines for Friday, November 30

  • Lyft Purchases Divvy Parent Company Motivate, Pumps $100M Into City Bike (SBNYC)
  • Family Sues Uber, Steakhouse After 8-Car Crash on Ohio Feeder Ramp (Sun-Times)
  • Falling Ice Shatters Car Window, Some Downtown Streets Closed (ABC)
  • The Tribune Talks With Chicagoans Who Bike All Winter
  • Lincoln Yards Developer Shows Off New Plan Of Smaller Buildings, More Parks (Block Club)
  • TOD With 31 Units, 9 Spaces Proposed for Vacant Lot Across From Jeff Park Stop (Curbed)
  • Listings for Fancy Apartments, Including Bike Amenities & Bikeability Scores (ABC)

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  • With the addition of this building in Jefferson Park, there are over 300 units proposed or under construction in five different developments within 1-2 blocks of the Jefferson Park transit center.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Saw a huge chunk of falling ice slam onto the roof of a moving UPS truck today and holy shit it was one of the scariest things I’ve seen AND heard in this city. I thought for sure the driver was done for.

  • FlamingoFresh

    Apartment Transit Scores…The transit scores metric for these properties are way off base. The properties located by Navy Pier, while having multiple options for transit, are located in the armpit of Chicago. Traffic around there is terrible, all transit available are buses (no trains), and there is no quality north-south transit option. Getting out of that area using transit just takes a minimum of 15 minutes. Trying to get to any neighborhood in Chicago outside of River North and the Loop takes 30 minutes and up. The percentage of how much of the city you can cover in a time frame with the given transit would be a much more accurate indicator. All this stuff should be something to be considered in the metric. Maybe they should have a general transit rating and then a rating of said transit in comparison to the transit found in that specific city. Having options shouldn’t wholly determine the transit score.

    My Lakeview residence which is right off of Halsted and a less than 5 minute walk from the brown line is rated worse than the Navy Pier locations, but I can confidently say my coverage of Chicago with the the transit available in my area would kick the Navy Pier location’s butt.

  • Courtney

    “The percentage of how much of the city you can cover in a time frame with the given transit would be a much more accurate indicator.”

    Also it would be really nice if the city, CDOT, and CTA cared about these things! Bus-only lanes, all-door boarding, and signal priority could really speed up people’s trips!

    I live in Rogers Park and if the Purple Line ran during the day, that could make my commute to work a lot faster. My main job location is off of Wilson. Being able to hop on the Purple Line at Howard and go straight to Wilson is a lot faster. On the days I have to go downtown for work-related matters, Purple Line is generally faster than the Red. I love taking the 147 downtown but I learned my lesson after my trip was delayed by 20 minutes due to traffic on Michigan Ave. A bus-only lane on Sheridan Rd, Lake Shore Drive, and Michigan would be amazing for the 147, 146, 151, etc.

  • FlamingoFresh

    Agreed, public transit modes with their own dedicated travel lane (trains and well implemented bus-only lanes) are far superior than transit that mixes with street traffic. The two are not the same.

  • planetshwoop

    Long overdue. I hope it will inject some life into the retail in that corridor. Like having a place to go to dinner would be fabulous…