Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, November 28

  • Video: CDOT Commissioner Scheinfeld Addresses the City Club of Chicago (WGN)
  • …Scheinfeld Promises to Open Part of Navy Pier Flyover Before Christmas (Tribune)
  • Police: Speeding Driver Struck a Pole in Park Manor, Killing Male Passenger, 37 (Sun-Times)
  • Lawsuit: CTA Bus Driver Failed to Yield to Man, 80, in Crosswalk, Injuring Him (Sun-Times)
  • CBS Looks at the Hazards Unshoveled Sidewalks Pose to Pedestrians
  • It’s Possible for CTA Fare Readers to Accidentally Take Money Out of Your Debit Card (CBS)
  • Point: “Winter Biking Can Be Safe, Comfy & Fun” by SSCM’s David Griggs & John (Chicago Mag)
  • Counterpoint: “Winter Biking Sucks” by a Guy Who Seems Unaware Fenders Exist (Chicago Mag)
  • Join a Musical Bike Tour of 6 Chicago Cycle Stores in Honor of #BikeShopDay This Saturday

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  • I love wintertime in the Bike Community. “Winter cycling is the greatest thing ever and all you need are fenders. Also, every single bike lane in the city is icy death.”

  • Cameron

    Any idea what portion of the Flyover will open? Will the south end of the Flyover that currently ends in midair be connected to anything or will the stairs parallel to Illinois Street be the only south access?

  • Tooscrapps

    Taking a Divvy over the icy paths in the parks is a joy. It’s fun to see if you can make it around some of the curves on those suckers. Big tires, comfy seat, a step through frame in case you need to bail… pure bliss.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Maybe we’ll all get free parachutes at the ribbon cutting…

  • BlueFairlane

    Ramps. Everybody goes all “Dukes of Hazzard” on it.

  • Cameron

    For equal access, will Southsiders be given jet packs?

  • Carter O’Brien

    Let’s agree to make Evel Knievel the bar to reach here!

  • Carter O’Brien

    This sounds like a solid question for a mayoral debate.

  • Cameron

    I’d also accept one of those levitation pads that puts you back on the track if you miss a ramp in Mario Cart. I assume that we’ll have that technology before the next span is built.

  • rwy

    What to do if all of the bikes at a dock have a frozen seatposts that can’t be adjusted?

  • Tooscrapps

    Undo latch, apply boot.

  • planetshwoop

    I totally totally agree. I was coming home on the lakefront I had big sections to myself and just thought “this is the best”

  • JeBuS

    I have a fat bike with 4 to 5 inch studded tires for this weather. But even I avoid bike lanes on the streets. They are icy death. I’d rather take the lane.

    The park paths and lakefront trail are awesome, though.