Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, November 27

  • Natalie Moore and Odette Yousef Look at the Need for More Equitable TOD (WTTW)
  • Driver Cited After Fatally Striking Eric Morris, 54, in Bronzeville (Tribune)
  • CTA: Maria Torres, 70, Killed While Trying to Cross Tracks Near 22nd and Cicero (CBS)
  • 4 Injured in Lower Wacker Crash Saturday (Sun-Times)
  • Red Line Trains Were Rerouted Due to Unauthorized Person on Tracks (Sun-Times)
  • Inbound BNSF Trains to Skip Cicero Stop This Morning After Derailment (Sun-Times)
  • This Week Could Decide if Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Will Face New IL Taxes (Herald)
  • Within 2 Days, 2 Drivers Have Damaged Their Cars on New 312 RiverRun Median (CBS)
  • Local Bike Touring Legend George Christiansen Makes “Inspiring Cyclists” List (Icebike)
  • Party for Block Club Bike Reporter Alisa Hauser, Who’s Leaving for Portland, This Friday

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  • Carter O’Brien

    Given that only two drivers out of hundreds screwed this up, I’m inclined to take “drivers behaving badly” for $500, Alex. All the signage in the world doesn’t help drivers who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings, blanketing the North Side with stop signs has resulted in drivers largely ignoring them. But then there is this gem as well:

    “Another woman’s car ended up over the island Saturday. Luckily, Jeannine Wise was there to help her out. Wise said she saw a driver using the median as a second lane and then cut in front of another driver.”

    Quick, find a way to blame pedestrians and cyclists!

  • You beat me to the comment.I was going to say that when drivers screw up they always look for someone or something else to blame. Poor Deb Mel. She can’t just blame the drivers like we can because of the media. The Media can count on finding a driver to interview easily enough.And they will pile on given the chance.

    Although the one woman was close. She wasn’t sure who the “refuge” as for. It looked more like a target to her. Now we’re talking. In her head she gets it and why it’s needed. Like the first woman said, her driver husband “just didn’t see it.” Does that ever sound familiar. Unless you put up giant lighted flashing signage drivers just don’t see “it” whatever it is and it is often people.

    Too bad Mel couldn’t lash out at bad drivers and push back with the media. Looks at the camera: “See. See why we need this island. ‘Bad drivers’. You all know what I’m talking about. It’s the few bad drivers that are ruining it for the rest of us. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

    It didn’t help that the media called it a “boondoggle.” Oh sure they covered themselves with the pseudo objective “Is it a -whatever- or is it a boondoggle”. (Luckily media like Streetsblog never does that.:) )

  • planetshwoop

    The changes in the Manor are great. It will give people a safe(r) place to cross. They’ve also widened the sidewalk, and done a lot of curb-bump-outs to prevent people from whipping around corners.

    Crossing Lawrence at Ronan Park was impossible if you were a ped. I do frequently, and would basically get off my bike, hold out my hand to stop cars, and walk across. (I’ll probably still do that, just now I’ll have a median.)

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    I’m not sure why they don’t just ,move the light from Sacramento to Manor. Seems like more people need to cross at Manor than at Sacramento since Sacramento is one way.

  • Anne A

    More proof that there’s no shortage of stupid drivers and stupid media coverage.

  • Courtney

    While I realize worse delays have happened on the CTA and of course Metra, yesterday’s incident with the person on the track had me facing a 20 minute delay on the Red Line to Howard. I would have jumped on the 36 Broadway bus but there wasn’t one until 20+ minutes. I would have biked to Clark St. but the wait for the Clark bus was 20+ minutes as well. I ended up taking a Lyft home.
    I wish the CTA was like the DC Metro in that it gives customers a refund when there is a 15+ minute delay.

  • what_eva

    gotta love it. Getting off the red line at Belmont today, 7 minutes for a 77. 15 minutes later, it finally comes along with 3 others (2 articulated, 2 regular) and another 4 showing under 5 minutes. Something on the order of 80-90 people waiting for the bus. Thanks CTA.

  • planetshwoop

    I’d prefer the solution like they have at North Park Village on Pulaski. There are two lights, and they are timed the same. So both directions would stop, but you don’t get the situation where the lights are stupidly out of synch despite being very close together. (Foster at Pulaski has this problem with the Jewel signal.)

  • FlamingoFresh

    For the first couple months, through winter, they can at least add on of these signs to indicate a median. Not sure when this was constructed but if it was right before winter drivers may noy be aware and if there’s snow covering it then how would they know. The signs would be more of a CYA move.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Some kind of signage seems appropriate, but snow cover for a *raised* median is no excuse IMO, as its evident that the median was plainly visible by the fact that 99%+ of drivers had no problems at all.