Today’s Headlines for Monday, November 12

  • J.B. Pritzker Says He Wants to Pass an Infrastructure Bill (Sun-Times)
  • It’s Time to Renew the Push for Dedicated State Funding for Walking & Biking (Active Trans)
  • Wisniewski Looks at Why Americans Have Fallen Out of Love With Cars (Tribune)
  • No Metra Fare Hike in 2019, But More Funds Needed to Address Maintenance Issues (Tribune)
  • Natalie Moore: What SF’s Reforms of Fees and Fines Can Teach Chicago (WBEZ)
  • Senior Killed at Oswego Intersection Where Parking Concerns Blocked Safety Fix (Tribune)
  • Driver Flees Scene of Crash That Injured 5 at Jackson and Michigan (ABC)
  • Motorist Fleeing Crash Strikes 3 People on Sidewalk on Logan Square Bar Strip (ABC)
  • Driver Injured After Slamming Into Arlington Heights Police Building (ABC)
  • Motorist Injures Cyclist by Logan Square Boys & Girls Club (Block Club)
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Metra After Worker’s Death in Explosion (Tribune)
  • Popularity of Ventra App Puts the Future of Ticketing Stations in Question (CBS)

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  • Kevin M

    Re: the “Wisniewski” article
    Funny/strange picture of the person placing a Divvy on a CTA bus. Nice article; I wish IDOT and suburban and downstate leaders would read it and take note.

    Re: “Motorist Injures Cyclist by Logan Square Boys & Girls Club”
    I’d bet money that the cyclist was riding east, against Palmer 1-way traffic, likely on a Divvy, heading to the Divvy station. I’m not blaming the cyclist, either–I do this any time I’m coming from the west to that Divvy station. It either needs to be moved or a contra-flow bike lane needs to be put in. Where it currently stands, I would be most Divvy riders coming east down Palmer head north against the Palmer traffic and risk the short distance of illegal-directional biking. With the curve, any traffic turning off Kedzie could easily fail to expect to see a cyclist coming towards them.

  • planetshwoop

    I think millenials have lower car ownership because they are less likely (right now) to have children. That’s pretty normal, and expected, and will change over time.

    It’s not impossible to have kids without a car (of course), but it’s a lot of extra work unless you completely organize your appointments around transit: schools, day care, doctors, etc. (Any clue how often newborns have to go to the doctor?)

    The NY Times had an article about moving from Germany back to the US with school-age children. While it was generally about the quality of schools in urban Munich, it mentioned that kids just use public transit like everyone else — no separate school buses.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    “I think millennials have lower car ownership because they are less likely (right now) to have children. That’s pretty normal, and expected, and will change over time.”

    Millennials have a much lower car ownership rate than people from other generations did when they were the same age. And they’re probably much more likely to see car-free parenting as a realistic option.

  • But how many of those “car-free” millennials are relying, or will rely, mostly upon Uber/Lyft to get around?