Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, November 7

  • The Illinois State Government Will Be Solidly Controlled by Democrats (Tribune)
  • Anti-Transit WI Governor Scott Walker, Whose EDC Bought Anti-CTA Ads,  Defeated (CNN)
  • Emanuel’s Final Budget, Including Another 5-Cent Ride-Share Fee, Set to Advance (Block Club)
  • Looks Like Chicago Isn’t Getting the New Amazon Headquarters (Curbed)
  • Driver Who Allegedly Killed 3 in Englewood, Including 3-Year-Old Boy, Charged (WGN)
  • Active Trans Letter: We Don’t Need to Ban Cycling 24/7 to Make Riverwalk Safer (Sun-Times)
  • Joravsky and Glowacz Discuss Strategies to Fund Transit, Encourage Biking (

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  • planetshwoop

    With Walker out, maybe we can get rail service to Madison?

  • Austin Busch

    With three states aligned, I’m hopeful for the old HSR plan for Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison-(Eau Claire?)-Minneapolis to be revived. Minneapolis was already looking at a low speed version this past year, and the Hiawatha is doing well. If Foxconn back it then it will happen, and maybe regardless.

  • rduke

    Yeah, TC’s been trying to get a second train added to the Empire Builder route. As it stands now Chicago-TC has one train a day at absolutely stupid times.

  • Cameron

    We can hope, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. The project was highly dependent on federal funds. Those funds have since been spent on projects in California, and I’m not optimistic that new federal funds will be made available. There’s some hope with the Twin Cities recent enthusiasm for rail, that with resumed support from Wisconsin the project could be reworked as a Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison-Twin Cities corridor.

    Depending on the routing, there’s potential for some additional support from areas in between. If the regional train followed the Empire Builder’s route, it would make visiting Wisconsin Dells easier for all of the metros on its route. If the regional train continued west from Winona to Rochester before turning north west to St. Paul, it would also benefit people traveling to the Mayo Clinic.

  • Tooscrapps

    Yah, I can’t see Trump putting up federal funds for the Amtrak whipping boy, especially if it is going towards something 3 Democratic governors want.

  • Electric articulated “bus” service from Union Station to O’Hare via the dedicated to bus service express lanes in the Kennedy then on the shoulders of the tollway psst Rockford and then on shoulder capable interstate to Madison. Oh did I mention frequent.

    The Twin Cities likely need several different routes at once. Definitely eventually HSR.

  • Dennis McClendon

    Why is that particularly important when there’s bus service every 90 minutes that requires no subsidy?

  • planetshwoop

    Well, you could use that argument for anything about a train… why take it when you could take a bus instead?

    I expect (but don’t know) that a train has more predictable arrival times due to the ROW.

    But for myself, it’s significantly more comfortable, and I have found that I am better able to work or relax on inner-city trains vs a coach. Coaches are miserable.

    Also, most of us would disagree that buses aren’t subsidized. Roads aren’t “free”.