Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, November 6

  • Willie Wilson Vows to Make CTA Free for Seniors Again, Shut Down Traffic Cams (Sun-Times)
  • Dorothy Brown Proposes Charging Higher Fares for Express Bus Routes (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Charged With Hit-and-Run in Death of Alberto Zavala, 64, Last Summer (Sun-Times)
  • 6 Injured, Including 2 Children, in Firetruck/Van Crash (ABC)
  • New Info Released About Cops Who Allegedly Gave Out Crash Info for Kickbacks (Tribune)
  • Cyclists, Drivers Weigh in on New Treatments to Lower Randolph Bike Lane (CBS)
  • Free Divvy Rides to the Polls Today (Come on, the Weather’s Not That Bad)

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  • Courtney

    “A former CTA auditor, Brown also suggested that the CTA switch to a system of distance-based fares to generate additional revenue to bolster bus service and defray at least some of the $2.1 billion cost of extending the Red Line South from the new 95th Street station all the way to 130th.

    Brown also suggested that the CTA charge higher fares for the speedier bus service provided by express bus lanes.

    “When you do express bus lanes, you take out an entire lane. We’ve taken out a lot of lanes in this city. Traffic congestion is just absolutely horrific,” she said.

    “If you do express bus lanes then, in addition to the distance fare, there could possibly be a consideration for a different fare for express vs. local.”

    Oh yeah, it’s those darn buses clogging all the streets and creating traffic, not the Lyfts and Ubers mentioned a paragraph or two below. Where exactly are these “express bus lanes” that are moving people so quickly that it justifies a higher fare? From where I sit (on a bus stuck in traffic), we need to be taxing DRIVERS for their contribution to traffic. Congestion pricing anyone? Especially downtown. It’s ridiculous there is not a bus-only lane on Michigan Ave, at least from 7am-11am and 3pm-6:30pm.
    If the CTA moved to distance-based fares we’d probably see ridership fall.

    I’d much rather see the city raise the gas tax to fund the CTA or implement some sort of city-based mileage tax. Of course considerations would be given to low-income folks and folks with disabilities.

  • Roo_Beav

    I always thought that the stop sign where the Middle Randolph bike lane and Upper Randolph lane cross was intended for Upper Randolph. It’s not the least bit clear that the sign is intended only for the bike lane. It would make the most sense to me to have the bike lane and the upper lane stop.

  • Tooscrapps

    The area that the CTA wants to extend the Red Line to is one that could least afford a distance-based fare.

  • Courtney

    Mmm hmm. I personally think the area from 95th to 130th could be well served by bus rapid transit. It just doesn’t have the density to support rail. Plus bus rapid transit could be implemented much sooner.

  • Cameron

    Or have the train that already goes through there stop.

  • planetshwoop

    There is one weird, distance based fare already — O’Hare.

    I’ve talked before that I like the Pittsburgh model… get the turnstiles out of the Loop and charge when you get out, It encourages transit in the CBD.

  • Tooscrapps

    Yah, but not so much a distance based fare as a captive consumer.