Today’s Headlines for Friday, October 5

  • Steven, Lynda & Yonah Discuss the Chicago Sustainable Transportation Platform (CityLab)
  • The Morgan ‘L’ Station — Development-Oriented Transit (Quinn Kasal)
  • An Ode to Chicago’s Secret 9th ‘L’ Line: The Brownge Line (Quinn Kasal)
  • Route Chosen for “Patriot Path” Connecting Libertyville, North Chicago (Daily Herald)
  • Bartlett Advocate Petitions for Trail Connection (Active Trans)
  • Illinois’ Long Romance With Trains Endures (Daily Union)
  • South Side Critical Mass Departs Nichols Park Tonight Around 6 PM

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  • planetshwoop

    The Orange to Brown is no secret. I think it would be worth exploring actually making it a true train line as it could be a way to help connect the city.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Welp, I’m a person who thinks and writes about sustainable transportation most hours of the day and I’d never heard of it!

  • planetshwoop

    Common during Brown Line AM rush, which is why I know about it.

  • In national news, our benevolent corporate overlords are offering to explain to us how best to use our public space:

  • Deni

    I love the person who article about it, I like to know I’m not alone in my extreme transit nerdiness. I’ve actually been able to use the Brownge to my advantage to go from Fullerton after taking my daughter to school in the morning, one seat ride to go to southwest parts of the city as the need sometimes comes up.

    I took the NCS “express” train last year too after a trip to the ‘burbs. I think they could do a few of those during rush hours and they could see an uptick in use of that line.

  • what_eva

    Ditto. It’s frequent enough in AM rush, so you hear “this is a brown line train to the loop and midway” at some point.