Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, June 12

  • Motorist Fatally Struck Paul J. Gunia, 61, in the 8300 Block of W. Belmont (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Ran Red in South Chicago, Killing Michael Rudolph, 23 (ABC)
  • Man, 23, Shot in Shoulder on Garfield Red Line Platform (NBC)
  • The City Is Evicting Homeless People From Lower Wacker (Tribune)
  • Chicago Reporter Covered the recent Red Line Extension vs. MED Conversion Debate
  • Your CTA Seat Comes From a 125-Year-Old Company in West Humboldt (Chicago)
  • June 23 Ride and Rail Tour Involves Biking From Whiting, Training Back (NWI)

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  • Jeremy

    I don’t recall seeing anything here about the problems with the people mover system at O’Hare. This article is a week old, so I don’t know if the issues have been resolved.

  • what_eva

    The people mover isn’t having problems, it’s a scheduled shut down weekdays for track replacement and an extension to the new rental car facility where the F lot used to be on the east side of Mannheim.

    The problems in the article are with the bus replacement which appears to be pretty terrible.