Today’s Headlines for Friday, May 25

  • Irish Developer Walks Away From Plan to Build 20K Homes on S. Works Site (Tribune)
  • Op-Ed: Emanuel Needs to Put More Effort Into Redeveloping the Site (Tribune)
  • Developer Seeks Approval for 10K Homes in the South Loop (Crain’s)
  • O’Hare People Mover Will Be Shut Down Through the Winter for Modernization (Tribune)
  • State Rep: Carjacking Law Could Lead to Innocent Youth Being Locked up (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Backtracks on Adding Freight Train Holding Track in Lake Forest (JWC Daily)
  • Northbrook Considers Moving Metra Station to Grainger Property (Tribune)
  • Naperville Kayak Rental Business Is Now Offering E-Bikes (Tribune)
  • Wright-Inspired Rendition of the CTA ‘L’ Map Wins a Design Award (CBS)
  • Dozens of Hammond Bike Trail Signs Defaced With Bawdy Graffiti (Tribune)

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  • Brian

    FYI, the big red donate button is non-functional (for me.) I’ve tried it with safari and firefox on a mac. The last day the button is functional (for me at least) is the May 10th post.

  • Kevin M

    So, Metra (and its suburban-controlled board) is now aligning against Amtrak? Can regional passenger rail growth needs actually be blocked by backyard NIMBYs and a commuter rail agency in their back pocket?

    American transit is deeply-flawed in bureaucratic fiefdoms.

  • Cameron Puetz

    It’s a proposal to add a track to the unused bay of an existing corridor. Imagine the outcry if Amtrak had actually tried building something new, instead of just trying to more fully utilize something existing.

  • Cameron Puetz

    There are too many other infill sites that are closer to downtown and better connected to transit for the South Works redevelopment to succeed. The 78 and Lincoln Yards are currently soaking up what demand for mega developments exists. There’s still the Michael Reese Hospital site and large tracks of CHA land along offering sites for potential other mega developments closer to downtown.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Thanks a lot for the heads-up — we’ll look into this.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Should be working now. Please let me know if it’s still not functioning for you. Thanks again.

  • BlueFairlane

    When examined in light of Chicago’s continuing population stagnation, you do have to wonder whether there’s any real demand for 20,000 homes 10 miles from downtown on a plot of land I have little doubt is full or mercury and lead.

  • Cameron Puetz

    Two developers have walked away from the site after conducting their due diligence environmental testing. There are definitely serious contamination problems there. Either US Steel has to be pushed to do more clean up, or the site is going to become an EPA Superfund project before anyone will touch it.

  • what_eva

    The people mover shutdown is weekdays only, it’s supposedly going to be open on weekends. IINM, they’re doing some track replacement (in addition to the extension), so presumably in chunks they can finish each week.