Today’s Headlines for Friday, May 18

  • Amid Heated Debate, Plan Commission Approves Proposal for Obama Center (Tribune)
  • Reilly Calls for More Downtown Cops on Foot & Bikes, Fare Evasion Enforcement (Crain’s)
  • 1 Killed, 1 Critically Injured in Woodlawn Crash (CBS)
  • Georgia Man Charged in Ogilvie Suspicious Package Incident (ABC)
  • Lincoln Yards / Live Nation Deal Could Bring 5 Venues to the Area (Curbed)
  • Cyclists, Including SBC’s Lynda Lopez, Discuss Pilsen’s Status as a Biking Hotspot (Sun-Times)
  • A Sun-Times Guide to Bike Rides and Routes

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  • rwy

    Is it now a crime to abandon luggage?

  • Carter O’Brien
  • Random_Jerk

    Those cops need to patrol the streets, not just hang out in front of the stores.
    I see them standing on Michigan Avenue, while drugs are being sold on St. Clair almost every night, no police in sight. (Yes, I reported that multiple times) I also rarely see police walking around Hubbard/State. I work in that neighborhood, many times late at night. There is plentitude of various shady characters, just hanging out there and I swear, I’ve never encountered police patrol walking there after dark. Seems to me, 3-4 patrols would be efficient to deter big chunk of the crime, and make people feel safer. It is a scary thought, that CPD cant even spare 6-8 officers to do that….

  • Jeremy

    I agree with 95% of what Ald Reilly writes (he implies he wants police to stop marijuana use, which I think is ridiculous). However, he lists a series of problems that “left a succession of budget directors with few options to address the citywide need for more police.”

    I would like to point out that 22 current aldermen (including Reilly) have been on the city council for more than 10 years. What have they been doing up until now?

  • Courtney

    I think it’s important to ask WHO would feel safe by more police presence. Not everyone feels safe with more police.

  • CIAC

    Yes, if you imply that doing so is a danger to others.