Today’s Headlines for Friday, April 27

  • More Coverage of Chicago’s Upcoming Dockless Bike-Share Launch (Tribune)
  • Chicago Introduces CityKey, a Combination ID, Ventra, and Library Card (Sun-Times)
  • AAA Study: The Number of Hit-and-Run Fatality Cases Is Growing (Tribune)
  • Service Drives on Randolph Restaurant Row Could Be Turned Into “People Spots” (Tribune)
  • Here’s Why Northerly Island’s Bike and Pedestrian Path Is Still a Mess (Tribune)
  • Thoughts on the St. Louis LimeBike System and Racial Justice (Of Magic and Madness)
  • Elgin Ends Its 45-Year Ban on Ice Cream Trucks and Carts (Herald)
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  • Random_Jerk

    Northerly Park is the biggest disappointment ever. I used to run there almost every day. Now i totally forgot about it. This is what you get for doing things half-ass. (Just like BRT) I can bet the cost for the repair and fixing the problem will exceed initial $40M for the reef and islands…

  • Tooscrapps

    Yah, but Abelina is one lucky girl.

  • rohmen

    I don’t disagree, but it’s kind of a rock and a hard place for the City. Spending $40 mil. with everything else going on budget trouble-wise is a nonstarter, though that appears to be the only real solution here. Anything else is going to be a short-term band aid, but unfortunately that’s all people are going to swallow I fear. The only other solution I see is private funding like Daley did for Millennium, but it’s not exactly like City residents were thrilled with that route either.

    You get what you pay for, and many residents aren’t willing to swallow what it would cost to do it right.

  • The park district needs to work with nature at Northerly Island rather than against. Instead of impermĂ©able concrete they need an open grill work bridge sections where there becomes wave washed erosion. Where the waves carve at the path quit putting up resistance and place flow thru steel decks and sunken piles. And then until the plants get established keep replacing and adding occasional soil injections.

  • A city ID card that Also has financial capabilities like a Ventra card has potential to also serve as a welfare medium. Even has the potential to serve as a local currency. (Which may at this time be illegal).

    At some point austerity driven kleptocratic economics will be seen by too many as a gross failure and spark the push back needed for restorative economics.