Today’s Headline for Monday, January 15

  • Tribune Editorial Calls for Expanding Divvy Access and Use Into Transit Deserts
  • South Side Weekly Looks at Oboi Reed’s Plans for Equiticity
  • 4 Injured, Including Bus Driver, When Car T-Bones CTA Bus (NBC)
  • Overhead Wire Issues Disrupt Service on the South Shore Line (Sun-Times)
  • Niles Police Enforce “No Texting Tuesday” Distracted Driving Crackdown (Tribune)
  • What Happens if We Let Ride-Hailing Become Our Only Option? (MWHSRA)
  • The New Romeoville Metra Station Opens February 5 (Herald News)
  • High Waves Cause Closure of Lakefront Trail Between North and Oak (NBC)
  • Good Samaritan Takes off Boots, Gives Them to Homeless Man on CTA Train (ABC)
  • Troopers Tell “Bernie Sis” She Can’t Hang Banners From Kennedy Overpass (Sun-Times)

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  • Matt

    That’s a strangely progressive editorial from the Tribune on transportation issues. I bet Mary had a strong hand getting that through!

  • planetshwoop

    It’s 15 degrees, it’s been snowing for like 2 days solid, and it’s expected to get even colder tonight. It’s cold.

    I don’t know what the forecast is for the underworld, but I’m pretty sure it’s freezing over — the Tribune has called for more bike lanes and forgiven the city for not making a profit on transportation. Wow.

  • R.A. Stewart

    The editorial is good as far as it goes, and yes, quite unexpected coming from the Tribune. I note, though, that it stops short of calling for, you know, (conspiratorial whisper) actual transit expansion so that we don’t have those transit deserts in the first place. That’s probably why the Trib allowed it to be published.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Carrying on the rant a little bit: Divvy is a wonderful thing. I’m all for it. But–Not everyone is able-bodied. Not everyone is young. Not everyone has reliable balance. Some people are nervous sharing the streets with Chicago’s distracted and incompetent drivers in their gigantic SUVs and bus-sized vans. Some people are carrying awkward or heavy items or traveling with small children. We. Need. Transit. Buses and trains. In every neighborhood, running frequently enough and during enough hours of the day that people in those neighborhoods can actually use them for the business of everyday life. That’s what you’ll never see advocated in the pages of the Voice of Republican Suburbia.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Good points about transit in the suburbs. “Not everyone is able-bodied. Not everyone is young. Not everyone has reliable balance.” You might be interested in the adaptive bike-share pilot they’ve launched in Portland — we should this in Chicago.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Belated thanks for the link, John! Yes, we should be doing this here. This *and* traditional transit, in the city and in the suburbs to the extent that it’s practicable.