Today’s Headlines for Thursday, January 11

  • SUV Driver Fatally Struck Svetlana Gerovaya, 68, in Niles, No Charges (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Puts Crossing Guard Janet Gould, 80, in a Coma, OEMC Calls It a “Tragic Accident” (WGN)
  • Trucking Company, Driver Sued Over Fatal Tri-State Tollway Crash in Worth (Sun-Times)
  • With Good ‘L’ Access, the South End of the West Loop Is Attracting New Developments (Crain’s)
  • Activists & Merchants Credit Pilsen Graffiti Incident With Renewing Displacement Dialogue (Tribune)
  • CTA Enables CTA-Shaming Media Campaign for Wisconsin by Displaying Ads on Trains (Tribune)
  • New Metropolitan Planning Council Video Explains Who They Are & What They Do
  • Lake Bluff Approves Contract for Metra Station Renovation (Tribune)
  • Drink and Don’t Drive: Lyft & Baderbrau Offer Branded Beer With Ride-Share Discount Code (Tribune)
  • Police Officers Honored for Helping to Deliver Twins at Roosevelt Red Line Station (Sun-Times)
  • Women’s March Chicago Takes Over the Streets on 1/20 Gathering at 9 AM at Congress/Columbus

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  • ohsweetnothing

    “Wisconsin is hoping the Brown Line — which, along with the Purple Line, is one of only two CTA lines that run through the Loop but not through the city’s South or West sides — will reach the very specific target audience it is seeking.

    “The Brown Line was chosen because it travels within the downtown Loop and North Side neighborhoods popular with millennials,” said Mark Maley, spokesman for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., the state’s Madison-based development arm.”


  • Kevin M

    Yeah, I caught this as well. Could they be more obviously-racist? Hey, Mark Maley, look up the definition of “millennial” and you won’t find race or socio-economic status mentioned.

    Any northsider who falls for this ought to follow the pavement to through the cheddar curtain; Chicago would be better off.

  • Kevin M

    I must also add that it is pretty disheartening to see the CTA selling out to this sort of racism.

    Also, whats with the CTA selling advertising to pro-car ads that put down transit commuting? WTF?! Has anyone else seen these? Does the CTA even control or check whats being advertised on their property, or did they just outsource their advertising to some 3rd party who doesn’t give a shit about shaming their client’s (the CTA’s) business?

  • ohsweetnothing

    Forgive me in advance because I’m trying to answer this off the top of my head and I know it’s going to be sloppy, but I believe CTA can’t object advertisements due to the content of the ad (with exceptions re: hate speech, obscenity). It’s a 1st Amendment issue…I believe CTA tried to reject some controversial advertisement years ago and lost in court.

  • Tooscrapps

    I think it has more to do with income and education level than race. Not that they aren’t intertwined.

    How is this any different that say the “Visit Kalamazoo” billboard off of the Brown/Purple at Grand that hypes biking and craft brews? Do you think they have a similar billboard off the Cottage Grove branch of the Green Line?

  • ohsweetnothing

    I think it has lots to do with income and education and race. I also think it’s a very Republican from WI view of “millenials” and where they are in Chicago, because we’re talking about ads in the actual trains…not at particular stations.

  • Jeremy

    Illinois (and Minnesota) should be running similar ads in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin. However, the focus should be pro-immigrant, pro diversity, pro-environment, pro-women’s health, and pro-worker. We would, of course, need the policies to match. The only way to get out of the budget shortfalls is to increase the tax base by increasing the population. Differentiating from the bordering red states would help.

    BTW, annual household income is $60,413 in Illinois and $55,425 in Wisconsin, per Wikipedia.

  • planetshwoop

    How does metra station funding work? Does the village/city build the facility, and then Metra does the maintenance?

    The Lake Bluff article states that Metra is paying $300k to fix the roof. The Lake Bluff station isn’t a palace, but it’s nice-ish. It is amazing compared to the sad concrete shacks that the city stations get. I’m not demanding equity, I just wonder — who’s on the hook for what? I don’t think the parking lot revenues go to Metra, they go to the village or some other managing entity, typically, right?

  • Carter O’Brien

    I remember being left at the Healy Metra “station” as a kid in the 80s to visit family up north. I was usually the only person up there, and the lack of anything resembling urban civilization from that vantage point was striking and absolutely surreal, it seemed like a leap of faith that the train would in fact stop, as it basically just an exposed platform. It is long overdue for an upgrade.

  • Kevin M

    So, you’re saying that if I wanted to buy advertising on CTA property that insults CTA commuting and mass transit (which is basically what the car and WI ads do), that the CTA is compelled to sell this advertising space to me? I find this difficult to swallow.

  • ohsweetnothing
  • ohsweetnothing

    Oh the other hand…it looks like they have grounds to block these ads by their own standards…

    On page 7, subsection (lowercase) L: adverse to CTA.

    So yeah…I dunno what to tell ya. Perhaps just because it’s in their rules doesn’t mean they couldn’t get sued for blocking the ad. Even if they win, it’s still time/court costs/publicity/etc.