Today’s Headlines for Thursday, October 19

  • University of Illinois Plans Public-Private Research Center at Rezkoville Site (Sun-Times)
  • Photos Released of Man Accused of Injuring 81-Year-Old in Brown Line Robbery (Tribune)
  • School Bus Driver Hits Tree in Avondale, Hurting a Few of the Students (DNA)
  • Neighbors Leave Shrine to Lewis Fost, a Man Who Lived in the Mayfair Viaduct for 3 Years (DNA)
  • Here’s What the Jeff Park Transit Center Looked Like When It Opened in 1970 (DNA)
  • WGN Looks at the “Bikes for Lesotho” Project, Which Has Shipped Thousands of Cycles
  • Working Bikes Collected 123 Cycles During Will County Donation Drive (WGN)
  • Ald. Michele Smith Hopes to Solve Rat Infestation at Belden/Clark With Concrete (DNA)
  • After Cubs Loss, L.A. Metro Trolls the CTA, Also Mocked for “One ‘L’ of a Team” Posters (Tribune)

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  • Chicagoan

    Can you even take the L.A. Metro to Dodgers Stadium?

    I’ve never liked the Dodgers because their team name is an ode to Brooklyn, Brooklynites, and their old streetcar system, but they’re now in L.A.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    They aren’t the only team to move and keep their old name, even though it no longer makes sense.

  • Chicagoan

    I know, but the Dodgers in particular are named in ode to the people of the borough where they once played, I know a lot of older Brooklynites who are still bitter and with good reason. You’re right, though, there are a lot of funny names (Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz, et cetera.).

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    I think Dodgers referred to trolley dodgers, though by the time they moved they probably had gotten rid of the trolleys in Brooklyn.

  • notfake

    LA also had a streetcar system, if Who Killed Roger Rabbit (& norton’s Fighting Traffic) is to be taken seriously.