Today’s Headlines for Monday, October 2

  • Woman Fatally Struck by Metra Train as Officers Promoted Rail Safety Week Nearby (Tribune)
  • Police: Man Sexually Assaulted Girl on Pulaski Bus on Northwest Side (Sun-Times)
  • Jefferson Park Mixed-Income TOD Won’t Get State Funding (DNA)
  • Design Infrastructure for Speedy Recovery From Natural Disasters (MPC)
  • CTA Celebrated 70th Anniversary Yesterday With Vintage Trains & Buses at Daley Plaza (CBS)
  • Retro Wrap Showcases Metra Locomotive History (Tribune)
  • Newly Uncovered Film Clip Shows Construction of State Street Subway (ABC)

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  • BlueFairlane

    That MPC article reads like a politician’s speech that says the solution to economic growth is to create more jobs. They never say how to create more jobs. They’ll just do it, I guess. There’s probably a button somewhere.

    One problem is that there’s a certain level of natural disaster for which there is no such thing as “quick recovery,” and there never will be. We don’t have Star Trek technology. There are some things we just can’t do. Like, for instance, standing up to a category 5 hurricane, or quickly shuffling 50 inches of rain out of a flatland flood plain. (Yes, not paving over wetlands would have helped, but no amount of wetland would have prevented the flooding in Houston.) I suspect the next hundred years will involve that lesson being pounded into us again and again.

  • Jeff Carlson

    Where can we actually view all of the “newly uncovered film clip” that ABC only has excerpts of?

  • rduke

    It’ll probably be up on the CTA YouTube channel soon enough. They’ve been posting all sorts of interesting old videos for their 70th.