Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, May 23

  • Driverless Truck Rolled Over Levi Cruz, 2, in Carpentersville, Killing Him (ABC)
  • Motorist Fatally Struck Karla Benavides, 22, After She Exited a Vehicle in Aurora (ABC)
  • Driver Seriously Injured Pedestrian at Irving Park and Lake Shore Drive (ABC)
  • Motorist Arrested for DUI After Injuring a Pedestrian in Forest Park (Sun-Times)
  • The Sun-Times Gives Suburban Red Light Cams the Full Tribune Treatment
  • Chicago Should Follow LA’s Lead & Give Buses Priority at Intersections Citywide (Active Trans)
  • Meet the CTA Rider on a One-Woman Mission to Save the #11 Lincoln Bus (DNA)
  • Kids Ride Free on Metra All Summer Long (DNA)
  • New App Provides Tour Info for Jackson Park (DNA)
  • Lynda Lopez Will Chat About #SaludTues From @streetsblogchi With Gabe Klein at Noon Today
  • Open House on the Future of Clark St. in Rogers Park on 5/30, 5-8 PM at 7004 N. Clark (DNA)

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  • Carter O’Brien

    I love that Active Trans story on the LA bus prioritization initiative, I bet it would also help reduce bus bunching.

  • david vartanoff

    Indeed it should. Details worth understanding: in many cities, this is only proposed for “rapid” or some other class of special buses. It should be deployed systemwide. First, because it is useful whether a local bus or some hyper express, but second, because there are always the days when the tricked out express buses are not available for service and a “local” bus is running the route. The other item in the LAT article is queue jumps. CTA would do well to deploy lights for this program on the recently restored Ashland Express.
    The best thing is that these minor upgrades do not require years of hearings, DEIS, EIR etc dead trees.
    In the signal override case, one would think Chicago Fire Department would like the system to speed ambulances and fire trucks which should mean shared installation funding for the streetlight parts

  • Paris has many exclusive bus lanes yet appears to not have any BRT lines. Just lots of exclusive lanes. Really our so-called loop “BRT” is the same. Just a stretch where there is a dedicated bus lane. Similar in Paris. Buses go into and out of parts where they have some dedicated lane. Although really many of them are a lane and a half or a lane and a quarter and usable by bicycles as well.

  • “Driverless truck.” See that technology is not ready for public roll out. Oh.

    My heart goes out to the family of the boy. I am truly sorry for their loss. Especially horrific in that the parent witnessed it.