Today’s Headlines for Thursday, March 23

  • Chicago Area Leads the Nation in Population Loss, Sees 2nd Drop in 2 Years (Tribune)
  • Trump Budget Would Gut Chicago Transit Funding (Crain’s)
  • More Than 40 Suburban Candidate Filled Out Active Trans Questionnaire on Transportation
  • Next City Looks at Chicago’s “Biking While Black” Enforcement Issue
  • Police Are Warning Ride-Share Users to Beware of Fake Drivers (DNA)
  • Details From Last Night’s Lake Front Trail Separation Meeting (DNA)
  • Curbed Looks at the Proposal for the Low Line Public Space
  • Sign a Letter to Your Congressional Rep Asking Them to Oppose Trump Budget (Active Trans)
  • Have You Responded to Metra’s Survey on Ticket and Fare Options Yet? (Tribune)
  • Meeting on Lawrence TOD Plan Tonight 7 PM at Berry United Methodist Church (DNA)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    I asked on Twitter last night, but wasn’t there just a study that came out saying Chicago (not Chicago area) gained population?? Maybe I’m losing it…or maybe there’s just an overabundance of population studies out there…

  • Chicagoan

    I believe since 2010, Chicago has added ~25,000 people, but in a city of almost 2.8 million people, that’s flat growth.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Thank you! Yeah I agree, I was just losing track of who was losing what and where.

  • Less government, lower taxes

    Why should the federal government be finding local infrastructure? CTA needs to raise fares, it’s been nearly ten years. $3.00 is pocket change in our latte driven culture.

  • david vartanoff

    Exactly zero transit systems actually generate 100% of operating and infrastructure renewal/expansion funding from fares. That said, transit, like fire suppression, police, sidewalks, parks, sanitation and potable water are all money losers which signal that we live in a civilized city. As to your attitude toward fare increases, the history is absolutely clear–raise fares, lose ridership. If you enjoy auto smog, traffic jams, go ahead; discourage transit use. I believe Metra should be fare integrated w/CTA so that anyone in Chicago can use whichever combination of buses and trains will get the rider to his/her destination most conveniently.

  • No transit system anywhere gets a significant portion of its total budget from farebox recovery. Fares cannot, economically, be high enough to allow a high enough ridership to pay for itself.
    This is why there are zero functional, profitable, public transportation systems. They can’t turn any kind of profit by corporate standards; can’t even break even.

    Transit systems are an ongoing expense for local governments that pay their profit in economic growth, loss of congestion, and ability to live in the city without a car.

    The water and sewer systems here don’t charge enough to actually cover all their costs, either — all of them are public infrastructure.