Today’s Headlines for Friday, February 17

  • Driver hits and injures a man walking across Logan Square street and drives off (DNA)
  • Case begins against McDonald’s for not serving customers without cars after the lobby closes (Tribune)
  • Boarding time is cut in half on Los Angeles articulated bus when people board all doors (GGWash)
  • Driver kills themselves and three other people in crash last night in Des Plaines (Tribune)
  • David Plouffe fine by Chicago ethics board for failing to register as an Uber lobbyist (NBC5)
  • UILabs’s City Digital group is collecting data about stormwater flows on new Argyle streetscape (DNA)
  • An ode to Chicago’s 1,900 miles of alleys: “deemed a waste of space on the east coast” (Reader)
  • Despite opposition from Chambers, new apartments in Jefferson Park could increase business (DNA)

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  • Courtney

    Is the CTA or PACE looking into implementing multi-door boarding anytime soon?

  • what_eva

    There are limited trials with prepaid boarding at the Belmont Blue Line station and one of the Loop Link stations. Those allow multi-door boarding.

    Until they consider a proof-of-payment system, it’s not likely it would get expanded beyond a few very busy stops/stations.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I used to live in the area of the Logan Square hit-and-run and the behavior of drivers there is absolutely out of control. Stop signs don’t even rise to the level of a suggestion, people flying out of alleys, people reversing down one-way streets (or just saying screw it and driving the wrong way down one ways for a block or two), people not bothering to navigate the little residential roundabouts…all things that happened weekly here if not daily. I wish I was exaggerating.

    I’ve nearly been hit (then flicked off by the woman that barely bothered to slow down at the stop sign) a block east of here. My wife had to pick up our dog and jump out of the way of a left turning driver at this very intersection. This is the intersection where the woman who runs apiaries was dragged up the block off of her bike. The traffic light to the south (Fullerton/Kimball) has seen several major accidents: two seperate corner storefronts (two seperate accidents) have been destroyed by cars flying through them at this intersection.

    All this is to say there has been ZERO improvements for safety, peds, or bikers in this area. Nor any enforcement efforts. Someone is going to die here if nothing changes.

  • Proof of payment (POP) doesn’t need to roll out system wide.

  • This is also the same block where Jana Kinsman was cycling and someone reached out of a car window and grabbed her backpack and dragged her. August 2013:

  • Kevin M

    Yup, just last night, while crossing the Logan/Kedzie roundabout near the Blue line, *with the walk signal*, I was nearly run over by a car that was originally stopped at the Logan light, but then suddenly decided to drive through their red light and towards me. I was quite shocked and scared at the moment and thought they were actually coming after me. I was almost half-way across the street when this all happened, and I suddenly had to turnaround and quickly get back to the sidewalk. This was not distracted driving–it was unprovoked aggression.

    Bad behavior on Chicago streets is currently the worst I have seen it in the 2 decades I’ve lived here. It is daily and ubiquitous. There is no effective law enforcement and therefore practically no respect for the law–or the people in the streets that traffic laws are supposed to protect. This widely-known truth, against broad backdrop of social or political disenfranchisement and related disconnectedness from humanity and community, has bred reckless abandonment of common courtesy or care towards fellow users of the streets.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Yeah that was her name, I didn’t come to mind when I was furiously tapping away, hah.

  • what_eva

    Sure, it could be done on targeted lines, but I was responding to a question that sounded like it was for system-wide…