Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, February 7

  • $23 Million Blue Line IMD Station Overhaul Begins With Work on Damen Entrance (DNA)
  • City to Get $20M in Settlement From Disgraced Traffic Cam Vendor RedFlex (DNA)
  • Emanuel Will Give Speech on Infrastructure Thursday Before Town Hall on Gun Violence (Tribune)
  • National Parks Service Seeks Input on Redevelopment of Pullman Historic Site (Curbed)
  • Ickes Homes Redevlopment Plan Moves Forward With Fewer Public Housing Units (Curbed)
  • Manor Greenway, Minus Traffic Diverters, Is Moving Forward for Late 2017 Construction (DNA)
  • Chicago’s Most Popular Valentine’s Day Destinations, According to Uber (RedEye)
  • All Streeterville Residents Welcome at Tonight’s Town Hall With Ald. Hopkins (SOAR)

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  • Chicagoan

    Does anyone know the history of how some institutions get their names on CTA stations, while others don’t?

    For example, Illinois Tech and the White Sox have their names on Green and Red Line stations, while DePaul and the Cubs don’t.

    Do they make one-time payments to the CTA?

  • planetshwoop

    From the Manor Greenway article:

    “The greenway will not create a separate bike lane on Manor, officials stressed.

    Rather, shared bike lane markings will be painted to “formalize the route” and “alert motorists” to the presence of cyclists, said Dave Smith, a project manager consulting with the city on the greenway.”

    Look, I’m thrilled about crossings at Lawrence and Montrose. But sharrows on Manor are… not much. Some big, beautiful signs that highlight the route would do a lot more than sharrows.

    I think Mell is doing something for bikes, which is a lot more than other wards. I think part of our journey now for advancing cycling has to be better signs.

  • Dennis McClendon

    35th-Tech and 35th-Sox got those names to help distinguish the two stations, only a couple blocks apart, with the same name. Big traffic generators—Navy Pier, Chicago Public Library, Loyola, Wrigley Field—get secondary signs on the platform rather than station renamings (thank heavens).

  • Chicagoan

    Thanks Dennis!

    But, what about stations like “Illinois Medical District” and “UIC-Halsted”?

    I’m just curious if there’s some kind of formal process in regards to the naming of stations.

  • Dennis McClendon

    I don’t think there’s any process more formal than to somehow get the issue to a board meeting. Virtually all name changes come from staff, and are usually to clear up confusion or assist riders. A counterexample was when African-Americans decided a decade ago that “Library–State & Van Buren” wasn’t offering sufficient recognition to Harold Washington, and demanded signs and announcements (and map labels) with the full name “Harold Washington Library Center–State & Van Buren.”