Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, December 27

  • ELPC Launches Visioning Project to Help Create a More Useful & Pleasant Pedway (Tribune)
  • Money From Volkswagen Settlement Will Be Used to Clean up Dirt Diesel at Union Station (Tribune)
  • Police: Man Did Heroin, Other Drugs Before DUI Crash in Riverside (Tribune)
  • Train / Vehicle Crash Near Francisco Brown Line Stop Yesterday (DNA)
  • Illinois Supreme Court Ruling Protects Snow Shovelers From Injury Lawsuits (Tribune)
  • Vintage Transportation Photos From UIC’s Archives, Mapped (DNA)
  • Streetsblog’s Jean Khut Discusses Street Harassment & the FWOD Bike Rides (WGN)
  • Anne A

    A more useful and pleasant Pedway – I’d welcome that. A few changes that I’d love to see: more “you are here” type signs, more visible signage to help people find entrances and make it easier to navigate between sections of the pedway (including turn from EB tunnel into Randolph Metra station to make connection to Prudential Plaza), and elimination of heavy doors that are difficult if someone is small or has any walking disability.

    An ADA compliant connection between Randolph station and Prudential Plaza would also be welcome. Right now that connection has an up escalator and a down stairway – not a welcome sight for anyone with mobility issues. For a while I had to navigate that daily with a bad knee and a cane, and it was NOT fun.