Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, June 22

  • Drunk Driver Who Killed Motorist Gets 5 Years; Hector Avalos’ Killer Got 3 Months (Tribune)
  • Police: Driver Injured Cyclist at Wilson/LSD/Trail Intersection (DNA)
  • Stop Signs for Drivers at This Location, Yield Signs for Path Users Creates Hazard (VWYF)
  • Drivers Struck 4 Cyclists in Last 2 Weeks — One Fatality,  Two Hospitalized, One Uninjured
  • Active Trans: Katz’s Tribune Op-Ed on Klingenberg Case “Riddled With Errors”
  • It’s Getting Real: IDOT Will Suspend Construction Due to Budget Crisis (Chicagoist)
  • Residents Say Hours for 31st St. Pilot Too Short, CTA Says They Want It to Succeed (DNA)
  • Deering’s Top Cop Recommends Eyes on the Street as Crime Prevention Strategy (DNA)
  • South Loop Gas Leak Causes Major Delays on the CTA (DNA)
  • Personal Injury Lawyer: Helmet Debate Is a “Silly — And Reckless — Argument” (L & S)
  • Northwest Transportation Library Hosts “Bicycles on Paper” Exhibit of Vintage Bike Design
  • See You Tonight at Streetsblog Reader Party 6-9 PM at RevBrew’s Kedzie Taproom

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  • ohsweetnothing

    I wonder what this Gas variety of leek tastes like ;)

  • R.A. Stewart

    Ha, you are 14 minutes ahead of me.

    Maybe it’s an Onion headline.

  • An amusing comic about biking in Scandinavia:

    Note: this cartoonist regularly draws strips where each country in the world is anthropomorphized as a person in their flag’s t-shirt, having conversations where each acts like a stereotypical or average person from that country. The cartoonist is Danish, so their views of the US are hilarious. :->

  • BlueFairlane

    I wonder how hot a leek has to get to evaporate into a gaseous state.

  • Louis S

    I’ve definitely been hit by a car at that Wilson/LFT intersection before. The officer declined to give the driver a citation, but his insurance company cut me a decent check to pay for my bike repairs.

  • Lisa Curcio

    The linked DNA article about the cyclist hit by a driver at Wilson does not say anything about the driver leaving the scene, A newer article identified the driver and says that she was issued three citations.

  • Anne A

    Only 3 months for the drunk driver who killed Hector Avalos? Wow, that’s messed up.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Very similar situation: Both drivers got wasted at Christmas parties at public venues. In this case, another person was seriously injured, but that doesn’t fully explain the far more lenient sentence for Robert Vais, the driver who struck Avalos.

  • BlueFairlane

    You deleted the jokes, but you didn’t fix the typo that prompted them.

    Bad form.

  • rohmen

    This just highlights the scary amount of weight the Judge in the Vais sentencing put behind the idea that the crash occurred because Avalos wasn’t visible enough since he was wearing dark clothing.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    The other mitigating circumstance, the judge said, was that Vais had a clean record and had many letters from colleagues, friends and neighbors endorsing him as an upstanding citizen. Not sure what the other driver’s situation is.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Thanks, edited accordingly. The original article didn’t mention what happened to the driver. I must have read “hit-and-run” on a tweet about the crash and conflated that with the article. Sorry for the error.

  • Fred

    I’ve never been clipped at these intersections, but I’ve come close and I see people getting treated after being hit several times per summer. This has to be a fairly common occurrence, so why is this particular one newsworthy?

  • Anne A

    Because the cyclist was critically injured.

  • Anne A

    I’ve had a lot of close calls at LFT street crossings in this area over the years, especially at Wilson and Montrose.