Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, May 17

  • LSNA Will Hold Meeting & March on The 606 Today to Protest Displacement (DNA)
  • Once Again, Jeff Park Urbanists & Suburbanists Square Off Over Dense Housing (DNA)
  • Concerns About Parking, Traffic Also an Issue With Portage Park Development (DNA)
  • Yet Another River North Parking Lot Will Be Replaced With a High-Rise (Curbed)
  • Portage Park Grocery Store Will Be Replace By Starbucks With Drive-Thru (DNA)
  • The Herald Looks at Recent Pedestrian Fatalities in the Suburbs
  • Insurance Industry Group: IL Needs to Do More to Prevent Car Crashes (Tribune)
  • Key Backer of the Route 53 Extension Pulls His Support (Herald)
  • A Lyft Driver Shares Her Experiences, Good & Bad (RedEye)
  • What’s It Like Living in the 1611 W. Division TOD? (Curbed)
  • Sinead O’Connor Found Safe After Disappearing While Biking in Wilmette (Tribune)
  • Join MPC’s 43 Minute for $43 Billion Lobbying Push Takes Place Tomorrow at 11 a.m.

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  • Chicagoan

    Keep up the great work, Mr. Ritcher/Jefferson Park Forward.

    Hoping that Jefferson Park sees these apartments built sometime soon.

    Mr. Ritcher is the hero Jefferson Park deserves…

  • This quote from the Jefferson Park story is a top contender for “Hardest facepalm of 2016” award:

    “Many of the opponents said they did not believe the residents of the
    complex would have only one car per apartment and would take up the
    already scarce spots on the streets in front of their houses.”

    What possesses anyone to think they are entitled to park in front of their house? This is the root of the dibs mentality and much other NIMBYism. Streets are public, period.

    In my neighborhood I’ve noted many of these folks are in single family homes and have garages, but they use the garage for storage.

  • Chicagoan

    That area around the Jefferson Park Transit Center is kind of sad, honestly. It could be much better if people just embraced some density along Milwaukee. Blue Line, commuter rail, 10+ bus routes (both city and commuter). I think this area should be able to handle it. Great point about the parking.

    Shouldn’t Alderman Arena look past such “concerns” if they entail people claiming public spaces for private use?

    You’re very right, people don’t own the parking spots in front of their house, but I see this behavior a lot and not in just Chicago.

  • Pat

    Because I own a SFR, I’m entitled one more car than fits in my garage.

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    I’m glad he’s the leader. Don’t know how he has the energy or patience to deal with that.

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    Arena can’t tell them that directly because they will yell at him about how it’s their right. But… he’s definitely thinking it.

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    Not a huge fan of Nadig, but unlike DNAInfo, they must have stayed until the end, where the developer apparently said, rightfully so, that they would sue the city if this didn’t pass.

  • Chicagoan

    Does DNAinfo ever stay until the end?

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    If I got paid that (little) to listen to this crap, I’d never stay to the end of anything. :)

  • Yup. And if they have a driveway out into the street, they’ve nuked one car-length of street parking to accomodate it, too. So they have 1-3 spots in their garage, one destroyed for their driveway, and they want to park in the remaining carlength in front of their lot …

  • The answer is permit parking. Since it is a less efficient way of managing parking that means it is worse for drivers.

  • I despise curb cuts for private parking – it steals parkway space that should have trees and help absorb stormwater, but worse, over time these people start to use that driveway as a parking spot. And that results in blocked sightlines, not to mention usually encroaches on the sidewalk as well because a curb cut is *not* a private parking space! /rant over.

  • That and enforcing city stickers for anyone parked on a residential street, independent of where your car is registered.

    I have met WAY too many people who upon hearing where I live say “Oh yeah, I drive in from the suburbs, get off the expressway and park on the non-permit sidestreets there, and then jump on the L.”

    wrong wrong wrong wrong…

  • Anne A

    Similarly, people from Evergreen Park drive into Beverly and park on non-permit neighborhood streets to avoid paying for the Metra park & ride lot. *special* Some blocks in Beverly are mostly parked up with Evergreen Park cars on weekdays. Each year more blocks become “permit parking only.” And the cycle continues…

  • Anne A

    Even worse when they store their cars in the driveway and park them so that the sidewalk is completely blocked. Grrr!!!

  • Really! So what exactly does the law say and how are visitors to an adjoining residence managed?

  • Oak Park has done this for visitors for decades. You have (or at least had) to phone the police to be parked on the street outside of certain hours, and they not only capped how many nights you could park on the street, they chalked tires. Seriously, the People’s Republic of Oak Park!

    But in terms of existing law, it’s not illegal during the day, but you are required to register your car wherever you live, lots of people keep their parents’ address when they move here, but insurance companies may figure that out if you get in an accident so it’s a dodgy move.

  • Grrr indeed!

  • I vividly recall the Oak Park cop asking me “why do you need to be here so often?” I mean seriously, as if that’s any of his damned business.

    It’s just so blatantly hypocritical – so suburbanites get free reign in the city, but we go to the suburbs and are treated like lepers.

    Don’t even get me started on the issue of beach access…

  • urbanleftbehind

    No, sad is the wastrel of a CTA Orange Line stop at 35th/Hoyne/Archer. (Sssshh, dont tell them its an excellent “free” park n ride location if one works in the loop until no later than 3:00pm or starts no earlier than 10:00am).