Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, May 10

  • Sun-Times: Don’t Vote for “Lockbox” to Prevent Raiding of Transportation Funds
  • Architects Voice Support for the Lucas Museum Proposal (Sun-Times)
  • 8 Injured After Car Driver Strikes CTA Bus in Chatham (Tribune)
  • 45th Ward PB Election Doesn’t Fund Austin Ave. Bike Lanes (DNA)
  • Laura Washington: Ride-Share Solves My “Hailing While Black” Problem (Sun-Times)
  • RFMA Wants 2-Hour Parking, Traffic Calming, Stoplight on Hubbard, Grand (Gazette)
  • River North Parking Lot Could Become a Shopping Mall, Maybe More (Curbed)
  • Neighbors Worry 1:1 Parking Ratio Won’t Be Enough for Canaryville Development (Gazette)
  • Cubs Letter Criticizes Tunney for Blocking Extended Hours for Outdoor Plaza (DNA)
  • Steven Wrote the Intro to Chicago Magazine‘s Bike Week Coverage
  • A Guide to Some of the City’s Biking Hotspots (Chicago Mag)
  • Hyde Park Venue The Promontory Hosts a Bike Tune-Up Session This Sunday 12-6 pm

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  • ardecila

    Sun Times doesn’t really give a good reason to oppose a transportation lockbox beyond the usual hatred of Springfield.

    I read the proposed amendment, I’m concerned that it may not offer the flexibility to spend “Road Fund” dollars on transit and bike/ped, but I’m not entirely sure. People keep calling it the “transportation lockbox” which would indicate multiple kinds of transportation are eligible.

    If it IS limited to roads only, it would be an oddly regressive move for a state where there is generally bipartisan support for transit and bike/ped investment.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I won’t go so far as to say “shattering 80 years of racism”, but I will say that hailing while black was enough of an issue for me that I completely abandoned taking taxis for 2-3 years before Uber broke into Chicago.

    I even had cabs that wouldn’t take me to my then home in the oh so terrifying neighborhood of Humboldt Park.

  • My husband and I regularly experienced cabs at the airport taxi stand trying to refuse to take our fare when we told them we lived in Austin. Usually the guy marshalling the line had to get up in their face and force them into it.

  • I only use cabs for airport transit and then only real cabs not faux-cabs, so I have little standing to comment. My question is what has become of the cities cab hailing app? I presume that banning from the app is what puts bone into the faux-cab driver’s back when having to go where they don’t want to go.

  • re: Canaryville Parking. Since the project isn’t TOD I guess comparing and contrasting it to a recent proposal next to the Granville el stop makes little sense. 6145 Broadway is proposing 61 spaces for 154 units. I’m trying to argue for zero parking in an uphill effort.

  • rohmen

    I’ve had friends run into similar problems with hailing cabs in certain areas, and/or refusing to take them to Kenwood, and they love Uber for the fact of not having to deal with those issues to the same degree as well.

    The interesting thing, though, is many of the driver lawsuits against Uber are dealing with the issue of whether Uber can fire drivers for refusing requested pickups. As Uber gains market share, and drivers want more and more control over trips, you may see some of the same issues creep back in over time if it’s not watched—especially given Uber’s prior history of trying to avoid literally any regulation.

  • No, this was real cabs, at the airport official cabstand.

    I wish the city would get moving on the app. I miss HailO, which had all the trackability and ease of payment of Uber/Lyft, but was mostly installed by actual cabbies with background checks and labor rights.