Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, March 30

  • Metra, Which Has Seen Recent Assaults on Conductors, Installing Security Cameras (Herald)
  • Plano Man Charged With Crashing Car While Drunk, Driving Another Car Back to Party (Tribune)
  • Police Issue Warning About Group of Pickpockets Operating on the O’Hare Branch (Tribune)
  • Pace Discusses Plans for Better Bus Connections to Metra Trains in Naperville (Tribune)
  • East Dundee Leaders Block Downtown Development, Add Parking Instead (Herald)
  • CMAP Launches Bicycle Use Survey to Help Determine the Benefits of Bike Facilities
  • Plan for Garage With Apartments by Jeff Park Stop Adds Units, Removes Spaces (DNA)
  • Construction Set to Begin on Riverline Development With 452 Units, 230 Spots (Curbed)
  • Pawar, Residents Lambast Lincoln Towing at City Council Hearing (DNA)

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  • Jeff Gio

    East Dundee neighbors my hometown, Algonquin. Algonquin had a similar experience with a new, “river-side” mixed use development near the historic downtown.

    In 2006, Algonquin allowed construction to begin on the four story condo building with ground-floor commercial, but the 2008 housing crash prolonged its construction. The building sat vacant and unfinished for years. The construction finished in 2015 after the property was purchased by a new developer.

    The building received a lot of criticism for the damning criticism of being “out of place” and the complementary fears of new residents exacerbating traffic congestion. The adjacent intersection of Route 62 and Route 31 was a notorious traffic bottleneck.

    (Note: There is now a massive bypass around this intersection and traffic downtown is calm. The intersection in question is just outside the picture to the right:

    Our fair city has explicit goals to bring over a thousand residential units to downtown in hopes of reviving our slice of walkable small town life. These experiences might make this more difficult for us and our neighbors. Unfortunately, Algonquin’s troubles might have influences East Dundee’s decision.

    Note: Algonquin does not have a Metra stop. I wish the far NW suburbs WITH Metra stops would take more effort (looking at you, Crystal Lake). Neighboring Huntley has petitioned for a Metra stop near its historic downtown. These suburbs are so far away to begin with, but such efforts can have an aggregating effect for the region.