Today’s Headlines for Thursday, March 7

  • Beale Wants to Require Ride-Share Drivers to Use Newer Cars, Accommodate Wheelchairs (DNA)
  • At an MPC Talk, LaHood Says Bipartisanship Is Key for Getting Things Done in D.C.
  • City: TIF-Funded Whole Foods Distribution Center in Pullman Will Create 150 Jobs (Crain’s)
  • Editorial: Drunk Driver Must Not Squander the Mercy Shown by Victims’ Families (Herald)
  • No Charges for Driver Who Seriously Injured Boy in Arlington Heights (Tribune)
  • Uptowners Write Letter to Emanuel Asking for Removal of Homeless Encampments in Viaducts (DNA)
  • High Winds Caused Problems for Metra Service (ABC)
  • State Issuing Driver’s Licenses in Uptown Today — May Be Free for Disabled & Homeless People (DNA)
  • City Re-paving Halsted From Archer to 31st (DNA)
  • Annual Bridge Raises Over Chicago River Begin Today (Sun-Times)

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  • Chicagoan

    I’m keen to hear Emanuel’s response to the Uptown plea regarding the LSD viaducts. Walking underneath the Wilson Avenue viaduct is incredibly unpleasant, the squalor is just remarkable. With more concerts presumably coming to Cricket Hill this summer (Mumford & Sons last summer, now who?), an enduring solution must be forged.

    Clearing out the homeless just for the concert last year was a shameful idea. Those who live in Uptown (everyone else as well) should be able to walk underneath LSD to Montrose Beach/Harbor/Park without their gag reflex triggering. The homeless under there also deserve more.

    Cappleman, Osterman, and Rahm need to step up.

  • BlueFairlane

    I don’t study these things closely, but the homeless situation in Chicago seems to be exploding at the moment, and camps are popping up all over the place. There was for about three months a hugely complicated homemade tent spilling over the sidewalk at the Kennedy overpass where Western and Logan Boulevard come together. This is one of the city’s most traveled, most visible spots. In a decade of living where I’ve lived, I’ve never seen a homeless person even sitting there without being shuffled off, and this camp sat for months.

    Something’s going on right now, and I suspect it relates to the state of various government budgets and how they approach social services. So we can look forward to more of this.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    “There was for about three months a hugely complicated homemade tent spilling over the sidewalk at the Kennedy overpass where Western and Logan Boulevard come together.” Really — by the skate park?

  • BlueFairlane

    Across the Boulevard from it, facing Western and that weird little spur people take to get onto the Kennedy.

    Here’s a couple of pictures I took …

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Interesting, that was totally off my radar.

  • BlueFairlane

    I took those pictures Christmas night, about a week or so after it had appeared. It expanded a little after this, then vanished sometime last week.

  • “City Re-paving Archer From Halsted to 31st”
    I hope CDOT extends the bike lane on here from its ridiculous terminus at Throop (about 2800 south).

  • Mike McCune

    Actually, the repaving is on Halsted from Archer to Pershing(39th). I’ve been riding through it all week.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Sorry, I misread the DNA headline. Fixed, thanks.

  • It needed it, especially near the library around 33rd.

  • Anne A

    So many people have lost supportive services due to the state government’s utter failure to do their jobs. Many of the non-profits that offer these services have been forced to make severe cutbacks because the state has been stiffing them for so long, so many of their former clients are getting little or nothing compared to what they used to get. I’m not at all surprised by this unfortunate result.

  • BlueFairlane

    Of course, many of the “cut everything” crowd are fine with the effect … until the homeless start setting up camps on their streets. Sadly, their response will probably be more money for jails instead of things that actually help.

  • Fred

    Hot Tip: construction at the former Gino’s East site on Wells in River North is currently blocking all 3 traffic lanes and routing cars into the bike lane.

  • In the old days “welfare reform” meant getting rid of it. It started under Reagan and his “welfare queens” and “strapping young bucks” with the big destruction under Clinton. Bush followed up with “job reform” off-shoring. The final nail was the 2008 depression and just when we needed an FDR we got Obama “bank welfare” instead.

    Now “welfare reform” would mean bringing welfare back. While Trump might bring some jobs back, it would take someone like Sanders to bring both jobs and welfare back.


  • Concobhar Mac Conmara

    Christmas? Oh boy, you win “Most Depressing Comment of the Day” Award

  • Concobhar Mac Conmara

    the situation, I mean, not necessarily your comment