Today’s Headlines for Monday, February 8

  • Eighth Loop Link Station Opens at Madision and Wabash (DNA)
  • Teacher’s Union Protest Took Over Congress Parkway During Friday Evening Rush (DNA)
  • After Judge Rules Against Lucas Museum, Emanuel May Propose an Alternate Site (Tribune)
  • Passenger Killed After Allegedly Drunk Driver Crashes Into Aurora Home (Tribune)
  • Ownership of Millennium, Grant Park Garages Changing Hands Again (Crain’s)
  • Phleger: Parishioners Got Parking Tickets Because Police Don’t Like My Message (DNA)
  • Demolition of Belmont Overpass to Start on March 1 (DNA)
  • New Building With 24 Units, 6 Parking Spots Proposed for Alley Store Site (Curbed)
  • State Rep Wants 30-Day Grace Period for Expired License Plate Stickers (Tribune)
  • Big City Bikes Owners Says He Might Have to Close After Being Sued Over Awning Removal (DNA)
  • Spectators Wowed by Thursday’s Wabash Lights Placemaking Pilot (DNA)

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  • Chicagoan

    I’d like to thank the Streetsblog community for inspiring me to give cycling a try. I’ve always preferred using transit and walking (I don’t have a car), but I hadn’t much gotten into cycling. I was in the Loop on Saturday and chose to Divvy rather than use the Red Line. The Lakefront Trail worked well, I think I’ll use Divvy more frequently.

    Thanks, Streetsblog Chicago!

  • johnaustingreenfield

    That’s great to hear! Its impressive that you’re trying bike commuting in the middle of winter.

  • Chicagoan

    It wasn’t too bad (thank you, mild winter). I thought using the Outer Drive Bridge was a tad harrowing (good amount of people, narrow quarters), but other than that, it was a lot of fun.

    The Navy Pier Flyover is supposed to make things easier, right?

  • Re: Loop Link. What I said over at DNA:

    This is a great project. It’s just not BRT and everyone who compares it
    to BRT is contributing to the misinformation and spreading bad
    propaganda against BRT.

    What the Loop Link is, is a bus priority transit project, a BPT if you
    will. The goal is to give buses priority over street lane-age that has
    been ruined by car congestion. As such this project is a great success.
    It looks neat and it fits in with city design that makes urban density work. If you don’t like urban density and need to drive your car quickly around without congestion they have a place for you called the sub-urbs.

    —New for Streetsblog.–

    I recently had a chance to actually see the Loop Link a bit ago. I had one concern that clarified my conception of the project as Bus Priority Transit. I wrote that up at my blog here –>

    I felt the handling of one of the right turn designs was poorly done.

  • aweg

    Any updates about the speed of loop link?

  • Chicagoan

    The CTA called it BRT, which was a mistake. But, I can see where they’re coming from, it’s a grand project, a triumph for urbanism in a major American city, why call it just an express bus project (or whatever)?

    It’s about, what, 50% BRT? Has some of the key features, but it’s lacking some others. Though, one of the best features, pre-paid boarding, is still on the table!

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Coming up later today.

  • Read my blog entry. There I am calling it a test track for BRT ideas. It is way too short and way too slow to call it BRT. But to call it a Bus Priority Transitway perfectly characterizes it.

    Besides calling it BRT makes it a target for all the anti-BRT folks out there.

  • Jeff Gio

    as evidenced by DNAinfo commentator’s chants for the “death to ashland BRT”

  • Chicagoan

    The pitchforks are out and everything.

  • Francis

    Hey John,

    Speaking of bike commuting, is there any update on the status of the Randolph Street protected bike lane that was supposed to start construction this spring?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    I believe it’s still on track. There’s currently some water line construction going on at LaSalle and Randolph:

  • Lisa Curcio

    And the work adding floors to the Block 37 building is still going on. I am not sure how far along it is, but no work will start in that area until the construction area is removed.

  • what_eva

    Exactly, you’ll go up and over, closer to level with the upper drive.