Today’s Headlines for Thursday, December 31

  • Commentary: Men Need to Be Educated About the Street Harassment Issue (Tribune)
  • Activist Arrested For Filming Metra Officer Trying to Defuse Onboard Fight (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Looks Back at 2015 Accomplishments (Mass Transit)
  • Schlickman, CTA Fails, and John Discuss Transit Wishes for 2015 (RedEye)
  • How Different City Agencies Handle Speed Cam Tickets Issued to Workers (Tribune)
  • Woman Complains She Can’t Pay Her 89 Speed Cam Tickets (Tribune)
  • Fear of Lawsuits Is No Excuse Not to Shovel Your Sidewalk (DNA)
  • Facing Ridiculous Flight Delays, Traveler Opts to Take Amtrak to Seattle (DNA)
  • Expired Meter Offers Good Safety Advice for New Year’s Eve: Don’t Drive
  • Don’t Forget: CTA Is Offering Free Rides From 10 pm to 4 am (Fox)
  • Jeff Carlson

    The link to the Sun-Times article goes to the next story.

  • Anne A

    “I don’t know what to do.” Really? Lighten up on the gas pedal for a start.

    89 speed cam tickets? Seriously? Sounds like someone who shouldn’t be driving at all.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    Seems like someone should have their license taken away.

  • Pat

    That’s the caveat with speed and red light cameras, they aren’t a mark on your driving record.

    I would guess the only recourse is revoking the registration of the vehicle.

  • Chicagoan

    Not a fan of Ryan Smith, his Twitter account, or his sense of humor, to be honest.

    I ride the Red Line to/from work every day and I almost never come across “the aroma of fresh (and stale) urine, spilled coffee, B.O., and weed”. Also, perhaps I’m not riding at the right time, but I never hear announcements about train blockades. Does he mean the announcements about waiting for signal clearance? Of course you’ll hear those, but the CTA is at least trying to alleviate it (Belmont Flyover).

    His voice just isn’t a helpful one in the fight for better transit in Chicago. Why don’t we start by being thankful for what we have? I’ve tried them all, and I think the only cities with comparable rapid transit systems are New York and Washington D.C. (San Francisco is close, but no cigar). We’ve got a great system to work with, let’s try and not whine about it like he does.

    For 2016, I’ll be watching the Red Line extension news cycle closely. I believe they’re supposed to release an EIS sometime this upcoming year.

    /End rant

  • Fred

    Or impound the vehicle until the fines are paid.