Today’s Headlines for Friday, October 30

  • Yellow Line Reopened This Morning — Rides Are Free for a Week (Tribune)
  • The Fight Over the Rte. 53 Extension Is Heating Up (Tribune)
  • Ald. Patrick Thompson: CTA Should Do a Feasibility Study on 31st Street Bus Line (DNA)
  • On the Way to the Hospital, Driver Who Had Been Shot Injures Hospital Worker on Bicycle (Tribune)
  • How to Avoid Killing Children With Your Car This Halloween (Expired Meter)
  • West Side Residents Celebrate New Bike Lanes & Pedestrian Islands With a Bike Ride (Active Trans)
  • How Safe Routes to School Programs Can Help Children With Disabilities (Active Trans)
  • Anti-TOD Tower Proposed for Edgewater With 186 Units, 269 Parking Spaces (DNA)
  • Video: Daylight Savings Time Ends on Monday — Don’t Be a Bike Ninja (Active Trans)
  • What’s Happening on the Lakefront Trail Next Month (Active Trans)
  • Steven Makes a Pitch for West Town Bikes’ Bikecitement Night on November 9 (Steven Can Plan)
  • Don’t Forget the Slow Roll Chicago Benefit Party, Co-Hosted by SBC, on November 7

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  • Pat

    Regarding the Route 53 Extension:

    Didn’t the Tollway Authority just a few days ago tout how their spending and expansion is entirely user funded? How does adding a extra levy on ALL gas in Lake County and a special taxing district sync with that statement?

  • JacobEPeters

    Considering that car ownership is still very high among those 55 and up, I think this just reflects the actual demand for parking in this development. It will have way too much parking for the demand of future residents, but the fact that it accommodates 60 spaces for the building across the street, could set a precedent for the unused spaces in this garage to be offered as a kind of parking bank for future development on the 2 empty lots to the north.

  • Jeff H

    So nice of the expired meter to say that if you’re going to slow down and stay off your phone for one day of the year, make it Halloween. No need for the other 364 days.

  • Similarly, “This is the one day or night out of the year you should drive well below the speed limit.”

  • duppie

    Don’t worry. That development will be shot down by ASCO. They are rabidly anti-development and represent about 1/3rd of all residents in Osterman’s ward. Harry tends to listen well to them.

  • trailz

    Thought you might like to know that link to the Slow Roll Benefit isn’t accurate (working). Thanks

  • ardecila

    Because the Route 53 extension can’t be entirely user-funded. The models indicate that there is no toll price at which the road’s users will pay the cost of the road. The higher the toll, the fewer drivers will use the road, so there’s no break-even point.

    That means the Tollway needs another source of revenue. They could either jack up tolls on the rest of the system to pay for Lake County, or they could make Lake County residents pay in a different way (taxes) that they can’t easily opt out of. Is this perfect? Obviously not, but I think their funding model is actually extremely fair. Lake County residents will pay the most, but receive the most benefits.

    The taxing district would only cover the area around interchanges, and I believe it would only affect future commercial development that, presumably, wouldn’t exist without the highway in the first place.

  • A wonderful source of hilariously awful photos of cycling “facilities”:

  • ohsweetnothing

    Oh man, this is gold.

  • The prose is something special. :->

  • neroden

    I caught my local town trying to describe a road shoulder as a “pedestrian facility”. I wrote them to tell them in no uncertain terms that a shoulder is NOT a pedestrian facility, and to build some damn sidewalks!

  • rohmen

    It’s great to see a push to get people in the Austin and Garfield Park neighborhoods out and using the bike lanes, but the lanes the city has put in have not held up well. Nor are they upkept really at all. The system of putting lanes in and then leaving it up to alderman service funds to be maintained has to be changed.

    The Warren bike lane is essentially gone now until you get east of the park, and when the city repaved the stretch of Warren that actually goes through the park last month, they created a horrible choke point where cyclist are dumped back into a car lane (right in the middle of the park) in order for a left turn lane to be built.

  • Yup. “The system of putting lanes in and then leaving it up to alderman service funds to be maintained has to be changed.”

    Speaking of bike lanes in parks, see also the “advanced” bike lanes that CDOT has built in Washington Park, where cyclists are expected to merge into or across traffic that’s moving 3x faster than them.

    Or in Union Park (the east end of the Warren->Washington bike lane).

  • “actual demand” – I don’t think you’re wrong about this, but it would be great to pinpoint how right you are. Are you a little right, mostly right, completely right?

    I was thinking: The next revision of the TOD law should require developers to provide data on parking utilization in their buildings for the first 5 years.

    The fact is we don’t know how well parking spaces are used.


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