Today’s Headlines for Thursday, September 17

  • Metra Says They’ve Found $5.7 Million in Cuts But Won’t Rule Out Fare Increase (Sun-Times)
  • CTA: CUT-Group’s Feedback Has Been Valuable for Testing Ventra App Before Fall Launch
  • UIC Cop Rescued Woman Who Was Dragged After Trucker Drove Onto Sidewalk (Tribune)
  • Cabbies March at City Hall, Demanded More Regulation of Ride-Share (Sun-Times)
  • Transportation Officials Discuss Clybourn PBLS, Including Bike-Specific Signals (DNA)
  • License Committee Approves Ordinance That Would Legalize Food Carts (Tribune)
  • Neighbors Say Vibrations From Belmont/Clark TOD Construction Is Rattling Them (DNA)
  • Colorful, Labor-Inspired Murals Will Brighten Viaduct Near Northeastern University (Curbed)
  • Someone Painted Out the Image of Emanuel as E.T. From a Mural on The 606 (DNA)
  • Donate Your Car to Active Trans, Get a Bunch of Useful Sustainable Transpo Perks

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  • Rampage

    Metra could cut a lot more costs by greatly reducing ticket takers and ultimately phasing them out. In the interim its ridiculous that a suspiciously nearly all male group rakes in close to $100k a year for work that requires nothing more than a high school diploma. This is an old boys network that needs to be crushed.

  • Metra conductors do a lot besides just checking tickets, and having them available in emergencies is quite valuable.

  • Rampage

    In the extremely rare case of an emergency, they provide no value other than calling the police or fire department…which anyone with a cellphone can do.

  • I wouldn’t mind moving to one conductor per train instead of two or three, but it would need to be paired with the kind of system they use in Europe to validate train tickets.

    Interestingly, the UP West line has picked up a bunch of new hires in the last year or two, and many (most) have been minority hires.

  • Hey look, IDOT just rebuilt IL 56 @ Naperville Road last year. What could possibly go wrong?

  • duppie

    As a beta tester of the Ventra app, I can say that the app is working well. For now it has two main functions: Mobile ticketing on Metra, as well as Ventra account management. Paying your fare on CTA trains and buses is not included in the first release.
    Given that this switch is optional (unlike the roll out of the Ventra card, which was mandatory), I am really doubtful that there will be major issues.

  • Haven’t you ever been on a Metra train when a bunch of drunken sports fans were getting rowdy? The conductor intervenes and straightens it out (or gets them off the train). If I had to call the cops I don’t even know how that could be handled — would the driver halt the train somewhere and wait for them to arrive?

  • Rampage

    Getting rowdy as in committing crimes? Or talking too loud? Metra has there own police force, apparently they are incapable of looking up a sports schedule.

    Are you familiar with the CTA trains? All sorts of loud, rude people are on it, in fact theres real crimes that happen on it. They have cameras and an intercom system, works just fine.

  • Matt F

    cause that never happens on the red line….

  • Matt F

    plus they are extremely rude.

  • Alex_H

    One difference is that you can easily get off the train on say, the Red Line, and wait for the next train. Metra riders are a much more captive audience.


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