Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, September 15

  • A Virtual Tour of the Navy Pier Flyover Construction Site (Curbed)
  • Uber Establishes 3 Pick-Up Spots at Navy Pier (Crain’s)
  • Evanston Mayor Discusses Parking & Cycling Issues (Patch)
  • Off-Duty Police Officer Killed in Head-On Crash on the Tri-State Tollway (Tribune)
  • Man Dies in Single-Car Crash in Humboldt Park (CBS)
  • Driver Jumps a Curb in Bronzeville, Injuring Several People Waiting at a Bus Shelter (ABC)
  • Was Distracted Driving a Factor in Recent Aurora Bike Fatality? (Kevenides)
  • R.I.P. Weather Channel Exec & Long-Distance Bike Commuter Curt Hecht (Sun-Times)
  • 400-Foot Boardwalk Will Provide New Access to Libertyville’s Casey Trail (Tribune)
  • LISC Takes a Look at the Slow Roll Chicago Movement
  • Will Tonight’s AC/DC Concert at Wrigley Turn Clark Street Into a Highway to Hell? (Tribune)
  • Public Meeting on Lake Street Bike Lanes Wednesday at Shuttered Nightclub (DNA)

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  • Kevin M

    That Roger Romanelli sure has a windshield view of his neighborhood.

    He’s anti-BRT, anti-bike lanes, and he wants to widening Racine (wasn’t Racine narrowed during a major overhaul of the streets of Fulton Market just a few years ago?).

    If I owned a business or lived near the Fulton Market district, I’d have a big problem with this guy being in the position he is. As an outsider and a cyclist, he does not make me feel welcome to patronize FM’s commercial venues.

  • Ah, I didn’t catch the part at the end about him being opposed to the Lake Street lanes. Sounds like he’s pushing for bike improvements to Randolph instead. That might actually be a better alternative, since there’s lots of retail on Randolph west of Halsted, and it’s no fun to ride under the Lake ‘L’ tracks.

  • Kevin M

    I don’t see where the Road Runner is supporting any bike improvements–including to Randolph. I see he’s supporting pedestrian improvements, however.

    The only way Randolph could become a viable alternative bike route to Lake is if it saw some major improvement at the Ogden intersection.

    What Road Runner fails to see or validate through his windshield view is that his district already has a significant volume of bike traffic moving through it. He can ignore that reality for only so long. The density of Fulton Market will continue to encourage growth in non-motorized traffic–in spite of Road Runner’s best efforts to curb this trend.

  • This: The Randolph alternative is analogous to Romanelli’s “Modern Express Bus” watered-down Ashland BRT alternative, not in the sense that it’s a bad idea, but in that he’s cleverly proposing an alternative to the thing he opposes.

  • Deni

    Here’s hoping that the Sun-Times will fix the photos in the story about Hecht. right now they’ve got a mugshot of a completely different person labeled as Hecht, and the photo labeled as Hecht on his bike is a woman’s mugshot.