Today’s Headlines

  • The Transit TIF Proposal Is Moving Forward in Springfield (Crain’s)
  • Driver Fatally Strikes Cyclist Making Street Crossing From Bike Trail in Aurora, No Charges (Tribune)
  • Man Who Was Allegedly Driving 80-100 MPH on the Drive Charged With Homicide (DNA)
  • Evanston Is Getting Closer to Finalizing Divvy Agreement (Tribune)
  • On-Street Bike Corrals May Become a Common Sight in Evanston (Tribune)
  • TransitCenter: We’re Aware That the CTA Is Underfunded & in Need of Upgrades (Crains)
  • Group Works to Promote Transit-Oriented Development in Libertyville (Herald)
  • Jefferson Park Gateway Project Is Approved After Adding Affordable Units (DNA)
  • After Complaints About Peds Blocking Cars, Turn Phase Added by Millennium Bike Station (DNA)
  • Uber Protests Proposed $1 Chicago Surcharge (Sun-Times)
  • Better Government Association: Chicago Needs a More Liberal Food Truck Law (Sun-Times)
  • MPC Is Hosting a Celebration of The Bloomingdale 9/29 at RevBrew

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  • Every TIF redirects money from one public use to potentially another. At this point money tends to be sucked from schools and into infrastructure. So now because of TIFs we have a half billion short fall in school funding.

    Steal from the kids, give to the developers and bankers.

    Without raising taxes it tends to be a classic zero-sum game.

    The gutless Politicians need to raise taxes, pay off the debts and put the new money to work restore schools and pensions and then transit. All other schemes, and the Transit TIF is another, are just so much delusion.