Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, September 2

  • The New Northerly Island — Including a Sweet Bike Trail Loop — Opens Friday (Tribune)
  • Deep Tunnel Project Completed After 40 Years, Will Address Flooding on South Side (Tribune)
  • Emanuel Won’t Rule Out a New Tax on Ride-Sharing (RedEye)
  • Police: Driver Killed After He Veered Into Oncoming Traffic, Striking CTA Bus (Tribune)
  • Lisle Village Clerk Charged With 3rd DUI After Police Find Him Asleep in Car (Herald)
  • Cyclist Who Was Doored Near Diversey/Sheffield Wins Settlement (Keating)
  • BRT Opponent Leads Bike Tours to Highlight Proposed West Loop Traffic Changes (DNA)
  • Activists Protest the Eviction of Homeless People From Uptown Viaducts (Tribune)
  • Wabash Jewelers Blame ‘L’ Construction for Drop in Sales (DNA)
  • Kenwood Merchants Asked for New Meters to Encourage Parking Turnover (DNA)
  • MPC Hosts an FHWA Workshop on Parking Pricing & Management
  • Waiting for the School Bus With Your Kid Is Time Well Spent (Tribune)

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  • Anne A

    “steps to make Randolph Street more bicycle friendly” – yes, please! Can’t happen soon enough.

  • Anne A

    And on the far SW side, 115th St. is finally available again as an E-W route to cross Western. Yeah!

  • simple

    The new path on Northerly Island is not a “Bike Trail Loop” as you characterize it. It’s a shared-use path for those on foot as well as other non-motorized users. I wish Streetsblog Chicago would please try harder to see the world from perspectives other than behind handlebars.

  • Sure, it’s a multi-use trail, but it’s unusual in the city as a place where one can ride laps. The fact that it’s a soft-surface trail should help discourage excessive bike speeds that would create conflicts with walkers and joggers. I think Streetsblog Chicago’s large amount pedestrian and transit issue coverage speaks for itself.

  • cjlane

    Need to tie into the (coming sometime) bike lane thru the loop. Randolph was always a better location than Madison, given the cluster that is the block in front of Ogilvie and the two-way bridge over the freeway. Not that a *safe* bike lane on the Randolph overpass will be a simple task, either.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Do uber and other rideshare companies collect the same amount of tax as taxicabs do on their meters and taxi customers pay?

    If not, they certainly should.

    Uber drivers shouldn’t be responsible for the taxes, put certainly their patrons should be paying something similar as to what is collected by the taxi companies.

  • Jeff H

    John is right, SB coverage does frequently show that they care about pedestrians. However I do agree with simple, I think the distinction is important. You are already going to have groups competing over the path, claiming it for their specific use. It’s good for publications to reinforce the multi-use aspect of it whenever possible.