Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, September 1

  • After CEO Pleaded Guilty to Bribery, City Is Suing RedFlex for More Than $300 Million (CBS)
  • RTA Chief: Yes, Chicago Area’s Roads Are Congested, & Better Transit Is the Solution (Tribune)
  • Chicagoland Gas Prices Dropped 29 Cents in the Past Week (Sun-Times)
  • Editorial: Feds Should Help Ensure We Don’t Have Another Local Refinery Breakdown (Sun-Times)
  • Elderly Woman Who Was Injured by Driver Fleeing Police Has Has Died (Sun-Times)
  • 1 Killed in Portage Park Hit-and-Run, Drag Racing Suspected (WGN)
  • Should Chicago Try a Montana-Style 24/7-Sobriety Program for DUI Offenders? (Tribune)
  • Suburban Residents Are Fighting Against Downtown Density (Tribune)
  • A Love Letter to Suburbia (Daily Herald)
  • DNA Checks Out the New Concrete-Protected Lanes on Milwaukee
  • Steinberg Is Annoyed by Evanston Crossing Flags — They Didn’t Last Long in Chicago

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  • Could that Daily Herald editorial be any more unaware?

  • hakuna matata

    Re: refineries. Nothing like adding more bad regulation on top of previous bad regulation. The issue is that there are way too many mandated gasoline formulations. There’s plenty of petroleum in the system – just not the “right” formulation.

  • High_n_Dry

    Who doesn’t want wider roads? Sidewalks are silly.

    It is the human condition AKA Stockholm Syndrome. Just like living in the city you get used to unpleasant things like litter or trains that smell like urine. In the suburbs, driving all of the time becomes a pleasant activity.

  • Rampage

    What are they unaware of?

  • Yes. We should use low-emission “summer gas” year round, except that reactionary republicans would rather junk up our air with more poison all winter, so they built a complicated loophole into the regulations to allow it.

  • Pat

    One blend would definitely reduce the shortages and price spikes, but the trade off is higher priced gasoline year round.

    You can only get a finite amount of products from a barrel of oil and the winter blend contains more butane which is plentiful and cheap.

  • R.A. Stewart

    It will be interesting to see how the Reflex suit plays out.

    I’m one of the 15 American liberal-arts grads of the seventies who didn’t go to law school. Does anyone better versed in the mysteries have a sense of the City’s chances?