Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, July 28

  • Looks Like New Chair of the Infrastructure Trust Will Push Hard for O’Hare Express (Sun-Times)
  • SUV Driver Struck and Killed Cyclist Walking Bike Across Western at Congress (Keating)
  • Senior Dies A Few Days After Being Struck in Des Plaines (Herald)
  • After a Drag Racing Fatality, Reilly Plans “No Cruising Zone” on Lower Wacker (Sun-Times)
  • Police Arrest Driver Who Crashed Stolen Car in Wheeling, Fled on Foot (Sun-Times)
  • Meet the Bars That Lobbied for the Return of Happy Hours (DNA)
  • Letter: Allowing Guns on the CTA Would Let People Defend Themselves (Tribune)
  • Metra Says It Carried an Extra 100K Riders During Lollapalooza Last Year (Crains)
  • Comcast Providing Unlimited Wi-Fi on The 606 for Xfinity Users, Limited for Others (DNA)
  • Wabash Lights Creators Succeed in Raising $60K to Test the Concept (Curbed)
  • Trib’s “Bikes Vs. Cars” TOD article Inspires a Hilarious Rant Against Cyclists

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  • JacobEPeters

    The most hilarious part of that rant was that every photo he included of “cyclists breaking laws” was a divvy or bike rental downtown within a block of either the location whether they rented their bikes or within a block of a divvy station that is located on a sidewalk. What a buffoon.

  • That crossed my mind as well. As you may know, it’s legal to briefly ride on the sidewalk to or from a Divvy station or bike rack:

  • Kevin M

    I didn’t know John Kass used a pen name and wrote for Chicago Now.

  • That really is a rant to end all rants. John Kass must feel awfully inadequate this morning.

    Although, just a question, several of the pictures show bikers on the sidewalk on what appears to be the east side of Michigan avenue. My understanding was that bikes are allowed on grant park sidewalks.

  • That’s an interesting issue. The east sidewalk of Michigan between Roosevelt and Jackson is wide and lightly traveled, making it a sensible alternative to riding in the street.

  • I agree. This is my normal route to work so i bike on this portion of sidewalk every day (turning west at van buren). However, if i have to go further north, i always make sure i’m off the sidewalk by the time i get to the art institute.

    As it was explained to me, grant park is park district property and bike riding is allowed except where specifically prohibited (like millennium park or the montrose bird sanctuary)

  • Interesting that the ordinance requires bikers make all signals with the left arm. I always make a right turn signal with my right arm. That’s really a rule created for drivers since (without some doing) they can’t stick their right arm out the window.

  • I think another reason for the left-hand-only bike signals is the notion that it’s safer for right-handed people to keep their right hands on the handlebar. However, in this day and age, if you signal a right turn with your left hand, few people understand what you’re trying to communicate.

    My favorite bicycle hand signal is the Slow Roll method of indicating a stop: an upraised left fist.

  • R.A. Stewart

    You’re all missing the point. Clearly, from this ranter’s standpoint (and from John Kass’s), bikes do not belong anywhere and are to be absolutely prohibited except on one twelve-foot strip of gravel in rural Oklahoma.

  • Pat

    I thought it looked like a park too. And three of his photos are the same group of people, just singled out in two of them.

    Also, isn’t it legal to ride a short distance on the sidewalk to a Divvy station or to your doorstep?

  • Matt F

    Has ChicagoNow just given up on journalism standards? or were they always this bad?

  • skyrefuge

    I was about to chastise everyone here for missing the obvious “THIS IS SATIRE” neon signs that were flashing all around that piece; he uses the phrase “modest proposal” three times (including the headline!) That’s an unquestionable allusion to Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, so he’s clearly a bike-lover, just like John, using satire to *mock* the Trib’s angle on the TOD story.

    Then I checked his Facebook page to confirm, expecting it to be full of bike-advocacy other liberal hippie stuff, and instead found genuine, angry-man rants from a few weeks ago that were the seeds he eventually turned into this full-length essay. Huh. I stand corrected.

    So not only is he a crazy angry ranter, he’s a terrible writer!

  • Laws were changed several years ago in Illinois that codified (made legal) signaling a right turn by extending the right arm and pointing to the right (the opposite of a signal to turn left).

  • There are some pretty bad Chicago Now blogs. I’m particularly troubled by Second City Cop, which seems to have a large readership but consistently posts irresponsible, inflammatory statements about crime and poverty, and don’t get me started on the commenters. A thoughtful blog by a police officer would be an asset to the city, but SCC ain’t it.

    Note that, back in our Grid Chicago days, Steven and I approached Chicago Now about joining and never heard back from them. It all worked out for the best.

  • cjlane

    “some pretty bad Chicago Now blogs. I’m particularly troubled by Second City Cop”

    Wait, what???

    Basically certain that SCC has *never* been affiliated with ChicagoNow.

  • SP_Disqus

    Looks like there is a “Joe the Cop” blog on Chicago Now.

  • Good catch. Looks like I was confusing Second City Cop with the now-defunct Chicago Now blog Joe the Cop. They have a nearly identical tone, so they may have been written by the same guy — I hate anonymous blogs. I know that Joe the Cop was censured (arguably censored) by Chicago Now for an irresponsible post, but only after the Time Out Chicago editor complained:

  • BlueFairlane

    What’s really scary is that I have known people who didn’t realize that “A Modest Proposal” was satire.

  • cjlane

    and another reason for the left-hand-only bike signals is the notion that it’s easier for people in cars to see the signal when it is presented on the car-side of the cyclist.

    I’ve not used the right-angle left arm since I was maybe 10, so I’m not an advocate of it, but it makes sense when you think about the relative visibility of the signal to other road users.

  • cjlane

    Well, I mean, have you *met* any Irish? It certainly seems like it could be a genuine proposal.

  • Jeremy

    I prefer signaling with my left hand to keep my right hand on the rear brake.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Though you’ve got to wonder if Chicago-area drivers even know what a turn signal is for any more.

  • Mike McCune

    The last time I signaled a right turn with my left hand, someone on the sidewalk waved at me…

  • Sometimes I can’t signal very well with my left hand because motorists are driving so close to me that I would touch their car.

  • Don’t spend any public money to build an express train to the airport while Chicagoans are waiting for an express (or even a slow) train to jobs from some neighborhoods.

  • In that case you can reach in the car’s window and flip their turn signal to let people know you’re going to turn.