Today’s Headlines for Thursday, June 25

  • Metra, Other Agenices, Will Likely Be Fined for Missing Positive Train Control Deadline (Tribune)
  • Blankenhorn: Rauner Wants to Spend “Billions” on Infra & Transpo (Other Than Transit) (Herald)
  • Parking Concerns Are One Reason SW Side Residents Oppose Riot Fest (DNA)
  • Woman Who Was “Relentless Crusader for Animal Welfare” Killed in Rte. 120 Crash (Tribune)
  • Construction Starting on Argyle Shared Street, Community Meeting on Tuesday (DNA)
  • Tribune Reporter Who Cycles: “Without Education, Protected Bike Lanes Are Pointless”
  • Legalize It! Chicago Should Lift Ban on Downtown Skateboard Commuting (City Limits)
  • Juice Bar Opening at the Green Line’s Cottage Grove Stop (DNA)
  • Lots of of Fun Stuff — From Yoga to Pig Roasts — Happening on the Riverwalk This Week (DNA)
  • Chicago Detours Offers an Insider’s Map of the Chicago Pedway
  • Six Great Regional Bike Rides, Including John’s “Tour de Tiki” (Chicago Mag)
  • Public Meeting onĀ Little Village Land-Use Plan Today (DNA)

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  • Tom Foyer

    Every time I try to read an article I get a pop-up ad asking me to subscribe to Chicago Tribune’s digital newspaper which I really don’t want. I just want to read articles.

  • Matt F

    I’m not sure I understand the Chicago Skateboarding headline correctly… Is there a typo or have I not had my coffee yet? Like = end???

  • Google the title of the article to get to the piece.

  • Sorry, should have been “lift.” Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Brendan Kevenides

    I completely agree that the skateboarding ban should be lifted:

  • The interesting question is, where should the skateboards go? I see them in the street with the cars; fair enough, since at commuting times sidewalks are clogged full of pedestrians downtown. Should they have the right to use bike lanes? I could come up with arguments both pro and con.

  • Mike McCune

    Use noscript and turn off scripting for

  • BlueFairlane

    I was once riding on LaSalle when I passed some skateboard kid ignoring whatever ban there might be. Just as I passed, the kid lost control of his board (because the things are darn near uncontrollable), which shot into the street, right across my path and under a car. Had I been about six inches further along in my ride, I’d have hit it and gone flying.

    That’s just one example of the bad things I see happening with skateboards outside a skate park. Any skateboard ban that exists downtown needs to continue existing.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Chicago Mag not only included John’s Tour de Tiki but gave it first billing. Wish Herself and I were in a position to get away that long; I’m enough of a geezer to have some genuine nostalgia for the whole tiki thing.