Today’s Headlines

  • Widening of Jane Addams Tollway to Begin Next Month (Tribune)
  • 1 Dead, 1 Injured in Crash in NW Suburban Ringwood (Sun-Times)
  • DUI Crackdowns in Rogers Park, Back of the Yards This Weekend (DNA)
  • Rehab of Glenwood Cobblestones Can’t Come Soon Enough for Rogers Park Merchants (DNA)
  • Pritzker Plans to Replace a Strip Mall Near Morse ‘L’ With “Quality Development” (DNA)
  • Inspector General Investigating Whether Burke’s Block Got Preferential Plowing (Sun-Times)
  • The Path Not Taken: 9 Alternative Visions for the Bloomingdale Trail (Curbed)
  • A Look at Chicago’s Shortest Streets (Curbed)
  • Every Month, Musicians Jam in a Metra UP-North Car on the Way to a Kenosha Fish Fry (DNA)

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  • Yet another wasteful and pointless highway expansion that servies little benefit to the city.

    Sure those new 8 lanes (up from 6) will be nice getting from Elgin to I-294/O’Hare but what happens if you want to go beyond? “Oops I-90 from I-294 to the I-94 merge is still 6 lanes, looks like we need to widen that too!” is what I will suspect IDOT will say a few years after this project is done. And don’t get me started on what kind of pressure this could put on I-90/94 going into the city.

    The transit element? Of course its only good old suburban express buses that will require even more ROW expansion if you want proper stations, until then they’ll be stuck in the HOV lane.

    That reminds me, anyone remember Metra’s STAR line? Good because neither does IDOT as its been downgraded from being mentioned by name in this 2011 report to being labeled “future transit expansion plans” on the project webpage.

    Since I doubt anyone in power will call for cancellation it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch this solve absolutely nothing!

  • Fortunately I don’t think IDOT will ever find the money for a Kennedy expansion. I think the window for that closed when the Blue Line got built in the median 40-odd years ago.

    Are there reliable numbers on how many people drive to the Cumberland parking garage and then use the Blue Line to travel throughout the city? That seems to be the garage’s purpose; not sure that’s how it’s actually used.

    Car traffic to O’Hare from the west is definitely non-trivial, but I do have legitimate beefs about the new O’Hare Ring Road and how used that will be.

  • Unless I’m looking in the wrong place all I can find about parking utilisation for Cumberland is from 2000 and the only way to access the data is in Florida. This is where I started out, a site that now appears to be completely broken! Before it borked I Google’d “CTA Park n Ride User Census” per the site’s description and got this:

    So to find your answer I need to book a flight to Tampa and head down to ye-olde-library at USF.

    Oh and checked the City Data Portal just to be sure, nope only the P’n’R locations and nothing else.

  • BlueFairlane

    So, it looks like contributions to the site since you added that thermometer on Feb. 16 amount to $2,510. If contributions continue at that rate to the April 8 deadline, you will raise an additional $9,127, bringing you in just under $5,000 below your goal.

    Looks like you need to have another event. I’d go.

  • We’ve got a number of irons in the fire, funding-wise, but we could definitely use more contributions from readers. If you haven’t already donated, please consider doing so.

    Another fundraising event is a definite possibility — thanks for offering to attend. We’ll keep you posted.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Hope you’re right, but really, I think money will always be found for road expansion, just as in Washington they can always find money, or print it or borrow it, for another war.

    After all, there is all this non-essential stuff we are currently wasting money on, like education, transit, and services to people with disabilities.

  • JKM13

    Wouldn’t it be easier to generate reader contributions by generating content for readers? PBS doesn’t go off the air with a scrolling bar saying “Please donate if you’d like to see the next Geoffrey Baer documentary”. No, they save their best content for the fundraisers, because it brings in more viewers.

    I’ve already donated, and in fact have contributed more to streetsblog than any other media outlet the past 18 months, but the longer this has gone on, the more backwards this seems.

    There’s an election going on. Its a great time to actually demonstrate the value this site can provide (even if its only one article a week). If enough readers/organizations contribute, great. If not, you gave it your best shot.

  • Thanks for the feedback and thanks a lot for your donations — much appreciated.

    In addition to reader contributions, our fundraising strategy includes ad sales, major donations, foundation grants, and possibly another fundraising event.

    I am continuing to produce Today’s Headlines on a volunteer basis, and am syndicating my transportation columns from Newcity magazine. However, we decided that it makes more sense to focus on fundraising rather than producing original content unpaid.

    At this point, I’m confident that SBC will return to daily publication of original articles by our April 8 deadline. In the meantime, thanks for bearing with us, and for your continuing support.