Today’s Headlines

  • Developer Wants to Replace Garage at 600 S. Clark With Parking-Lite Apartments (Crain’s)
  • 44th Ward Candidate Promises to “Ban the Cams,” Doesn’t Say How (Expired Meter)
  • Teen Fatally Struck After He Got Out of Car to Inspect Damage From Prior Crash (CBS)
  • Woman Who Was Left Paralyzed After Lakefront Bike Crash Is Suing the City (Tribune)
  • Tribune: Uber Sexual Assault Case Raises Questions About How Drivers Are Screened
  • Two More Graffiti Artists Charged With Vandalizing Purple Line Trains (Tribune)
  • What a Jerk! Fire in Jamaican Restaurant Delays Green Line (WGN)
  • What Would Lot Say? Morton Mishap Turns Acura Dealership Into a Pile of Salt (DNA)
  • A Changing of the Guard at The Chainlink: Hochstadter Hands Over the Reins to Schuller
  • Many Options for Free & Reduced-Price Rides for Tonight’s Revelers (Sun-Times)

National headlines will return next year. 

  • Greg

    This link from the Trib comments show where the accident on the Lakefront actually happened

    I feel bad for the woman, but she was riding on the breakwater at dusk. Calling this the path in the article is shoddy journalism.

  • “What would Lot say?” He’d say, “I think you’re having too much fun writing the headlines.” ;-)

  • Based on the design it does seem the Chicago Park District (and I guess the Army Corps of Engineers) intended the top of the breakwater to be a “path” but it’s not “the path” – Lakefront Trail. Jennifer Kraft adequately points out that there is are multiple, accessible, at-grade entrances to the breakwater path

  • Pat

    I recall looking this up on Googlemaps when I heard about it awhile back and at the time they had it marked as a cycle path (zig-zags ramps and all). However, it does not show up as a bike path any longer.

    I’m not sure how Google decide what constitutes a bike path but that adds a bit of credibility to her complaint that it was a known path. Seems like a railing or some sort of signage could have saved a lot of trouble.

    I’m sure the city will look into if she had a working light, but even with a light, it probably would be hard to avoid if she was traveling at a decent speed.

  • jeff wegerson

    I suppose she and the park will settle for some money. I hope she gets some.

    The intention was a “path” but more likely a walking path. The ramps were likely intended for disabled use.

    Remember a while back when the lakefront suddenly sprouted all these signs along the edge warning of danger. As they disappeared they were not replaced. So likely the district won some case and the signs were no longer needed. Probably also the big reason the park closes at dusk.Danger and the potential for follow-on lawsuits.increase dramatically as dark comes.

  • Google Maps accepts contributions via the Google Map Maker editing tool. Anyone can directly suggest a change (saying, perhaps, that this path doesn’t allow Segways in case Google Maps offers Segway directions) that then must be approved by a higher-up individual.

  • BlueFairlane

    Considering the woman he married, he’d probably think the whole thing was porn.

  • At first, I was annoyed that Pace isn’t running its buses late tonight, so my only option to get home post-midnight will be a single Metra run. But then I realized, peoplewatching on that train will be half the fun of the whole evening. So I’m okay with it.