Today’s Headlines

  • Regional Transit Ridership Is Down for the Second Year in a Row (Sun-Times)
  • CTA Passes 2015 Budget With No Fare Hikes, More Service (Tribune)
  • State Rep Gives Up on Attempt to Override Quinn’s Veto of Ride-Share Bill (Crain’s)
  • San Hamel’s Lawyer Is Considering a Run for State’s Attorney (Sun-Times)
  • Developer Proposes Mixed-Use, Low-Parking Building Next to Montrose Brown Station (DNA)
  • 35th/Ashland Makeover, Including Wider Sidewalks, Will Wrap Up Soon (DNA)
  • Tacqueria Coming to Granville Stop; No Word If Station Will Get a Burrito Tracker (DNA)
  • Free Bikes Offered to Tenants of Building Owned by, Ironically, FLATS (DNA)
  • Terry’s Byke Haus Badly Damaged By Fire; Giant Waving Gorilla Spared (NBC)
  • Video: An Operator’s-Eye View of a Brown Line Ride (DNA)

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  • duppie

    The CTA signed off on a 10-year lease for the Granville station.
    Does that mean that the CTA expects it will be at least 10 years before the Red line improvement will include the Granville station?

  • I don’t think it means that. I think it’s the CTA’s standard operating procedure to sign a long lease. The lease can continue after the station is renovated for Red Purple Modernization (assuming this is not one of the stations that may be removed in the “consolidation” scenario of RPM).

  • Erik Swedlund

    Granville was not mentioned in any of the consolidation scenarios here:

  • duppie

    Granville is not to be removed. Thorndale (just south of Granville) is on that list.TO make up for that, the Granville station would get another entrance on Glenlake.

    The modernization project includes building new embankments, bridges and new stations, not just renovation. So for at least a few years during construction the tacqueria would have to move.
    So the build out costs of the tacqueria would have the be recouped over fewer years than normal. That makes little business sense.

    BTW, seeing as Granville is now my “home” stop, I look forward to both the tacqueria and a new station.

  • “So the build out costs of the tacqueria would have the be recouped over fewer years than normal.”

    What’s normal?

    The CTA will have disclosed the prospect of reconstructing the Granville stop to the tenant. The tenant could have negotiated some kind of mitigation to their business’s disruption.

  • duppie

    Don’t know what is normal. The point is that if the restaurant owner did the build out assuming ten years of economic use, and he has to move after 8 years, he may not have fully recouped his build-out costs.

    I do take it that you don’t know the answer to when the Granville stop may be up for rebuilding?

  • That’s right – I don’t know when Granville is up for rebuilding. I presume it will be dealt with in RPM.