Today’s Headlines

  • Metra Will Borrow Money for Infra; Experts Say It’s About Time They Did (Tribune)
  • Orseno: We’re Taking Steps to Avoid Metra Delays If Another Polar Vortex Hits (NBC)
  • Lincoln Avenue Bus Advocates Planning to Rally at CTA Budget Hearing (DNA)
  • Fight Over Ride-Share Regulation Sparks Lobbying Frenzy in Springfield (Crain’s)
  • Bill Proposed to Change Illinois’ Zero Tolerance Marijuana DUI Law (Daily Herald)
  • “In the Loop”: A Roundup of What’s Going on In the Transpo World (MPC)
  • Residents in Low-Income Neighborhoods Pay More for Car Insurance (DNA)
  • So Far, Wilson Station Rehab Work Hasn’t Resulted in a Rat Plague (DNA)
  • You Can Try Out Metra’s Fancy New Seats This Month at Downtown Stations (Tribune)
  • Immortal Class” Author Appears In a Report on Safety-in-Numbers Effect (Inside Science)

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  • CL

    That article on insurance is really true. When I moved from Evanston to Rogers Park (about 4 miles away), my monthly insurance bill jumped from $180 to $235. I was 23 at the time, so a “young driver.” That was the only time that I really couldn’t afford my car, because of the insurance. I had to switch to less stellar coverage to make it work. And this wasn’t even the South or West sides, which have higher premiums according to the map.

    My car has been hit several times by people attempting to parallel park, so it makes sense that Rogers Park has more claims — but nobody has ever left a note, and I just didn’t report the damage. I was told the repair will cost $1000, and I’m waiting until I get a garage because people are just going to keep hitting my car. It’s really unfortunate. Someone dislodged a section of the back bumper, and they just left.