Today’s Headlines

  • City Admits: Short Yellow Lights Still Triggered Red Light Cam Tickets, Spikes Still Unexplained (Trib)
  • IG Report Can’t Explain RLC Spikes – Malfunctions Caused Some Dips, Though (Trib)
  • New Stop at 79th/Gresham For Metra’s Rock Island Line Will Break Ground In 2016 (Southtown-Star)
  • Man Charged In Hit-and-Run On Irving Park, Leaving Man Critically Injured (Sun-Times)
  • 20+ Northwest Indiana Crosswalk “Beg Buttons” Vandalized, Stuck On Green (NWI Times)
  • Tomorrow: Discuss Grant Park/Museum Campus Transit Ideas, Like New Rails (DNA)
  • Water Main Work To Affect Washington/LaSalle Intersection Through Dec. (Sun-Times)
  • Marathon Trainee Struck By Bicyclist: “They Could Divide” Crowded Lakefront Trail (Sun-Times)
  • West Siders Hail Divvy Expansion Into Austin (AustinTalks)
  • Chicago Ideas Week Kicks Off, Includes Look Inside CTA Bus Control Room (Colum Chronicle)
  • Brewpub Next To Ravenswood Metra Will Offer Commuters Coffee, “Elevated Cuisine” (DNA)
  • Kickstarter For Silly Transit Ads Funded (Fox 32)

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  • BlueFairlane

    I didn’t realize they’d invented robot bikes.

  • Voltaire

    That Irving Park hit-and-run is the closest major intersection to my house, and for a Chicago intersection, it’s relatively normal/bland (no particularly terrible sightlines, fairly short crossing distances, etc.). I mean, it has that Walgreens with the absurd parking lot on the corner, but eh. This happened while I was at work on Friday. Quite chilling to have this happen almost within sight of my apartment.

  • David Altenburg

  • BlueFairlane

    In 50 years when we’ve all been enslaved and plugged into vats of goo buried deep under ground, this blog will be nothing but auto-generated spam wars between robot bikes and Google cars.

  • skyrefuge

    I disagree that the red light camera “spikes” are “still unexplained”, though that’s very much what the Trib would like you to believe.

    The explanation I’ve suspected all along, and that the IG’s report supports, is that the “spikes” are the rare times when the true number of violations are actually captured. This means they are not mountainous “spikes” rising above the flat landscape, but rather, they’re only normal ground remaining after vast canyons of malfunctioning equipment have carved away all the violations around them. For the three cases in which they were able to identify a reason for the “spikes”, the violations were still legitimate, so it seems reasonable to assume that similar reasons explain all the other spikes.

    So, ha ha Tribune, good work! Due to your investigation, Chicagoans are now going to be getting loads more red light tickets!

  • Brian

    Gotta love they city’s new excuse – it’s all about variations in electricity to the the lights, causing illegal yellow lights. Yet, the city thinks its ok to issue tickets, even though the yellow lights are short.
    Rebekah needs to resign NOW. She’s a bigger disaster than Gabe Klein.

  • “Marathon Trainee Struck By Bicyclist: “They Could Divide” Crowded Lakefront Trail”

    Yes, yes, yes. This is what I’m advocating for and I encourage others to do so. Users on the Lakefront Trail should be separated because of major speed differences.

  • BlueFairlane

    If I thought it was truly possible to separate the various modes people use on the Lake Front Trail, I might support this, but I see many issues here. One, I don’t believe even separation will keep pedestrians out of what’s supposed to be the non-pedestrian area, unless the separation involved big, ugly fences that destroyed the reason a lot of people take the trail.

    Two, how much do you want parse this? Is there a separate path for spandex guys vs. Divvy riders? What do you do with the roller bladers? The skate boarders? The people in those 4-person tourist cycles? Lake Front Trail speeds aren’t quantized. There’s a full spectrum at any given moment, so where do you draw the line?

    At some point, you have to accept that people need to watch what they’re doing, and you have to accept the inevitability that some people won’t.

  • skyrefuge

    Under current policy, you can drive through a light 5 seconds after it has turned red, but if the previous yellow light time was only 2.998 seconds, you will not receive a citation, even though there is clear video proof that you violated the law. That policy very well may be a “disaster” for someone, but for motorists, it sounds way more like a free pass!

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Can ibuy it at Radio Shack? Judging by the foot in the backgound it looks kinda smalll.

  • As long as the goo vats have high walk scores.