Today’s Headlines

  • NTSB on O’Hare Crash: Train Wasn’t Speeding, Brakes Engaged (RedEye)
  • Passengers in Blue Line Crash File Lawsuits (Tribune, Sun-Times, NBC)
  • Video Footage of O’Hare Collision Surfaces (CBS)
  • Police, State’s Attorney Provide More Details in Stokowski Case (Tribune, DNA)
  • Driver Crashes Into 3 Cars Near Obama’s House, Flees in Taxi (DNA)
  • 3 Ride-Sharing Drivers Join in a Motion to Fight Lawsuit by Taxi Companies (DNA)
  • CDOT Proposes Pedestrianizing a Section of Laflin by Pilsen’s Juarez High (DNA)
  • Grassroots Meeting Brainstorms Dozens of Ways to Improve LSD & Trail (BWLP)
  • Bloomingdale’s Ashland Bridge Will Be Removed This Weekend (DNA)
  • New Murals Planned for Uptown Viaducts (DNA)
  • Drivers “Unfairly” Ticketed at City Parking Lots Will Get Vouchers (Sun-Times)
  • NerdWallet Calls Chicago the Worst Place to Park a Car (Expired Meter)

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  • Pat

    Any word if the CTA will study traffic patterns from the shutdown of Ashland, as this blog has suggested?

  • Kevin M

    Nowhere in the RedEye story does it actually explain/support the two main points of its headline (“train wasn’t speeding” & “brakes engaged”). So, is RedEye just making up news?

  • Fred

    “The investigators determined that the train’s emergency braking system was engaged, but the train apparently wasn’t speeding as it approached the station, Turpin said. As the train approached the O’Hare station at about 2:50 a.m., it was traveling about 25 or 26 mph on the middle of three tracks, he said.

    A safety device on the tracks triggered the train’s emergency braking system, but it wasn’t clear yet why the train did not stop in time, Turpin said.”

  • madopal

    Yeah, that’s the most troubling detail to me. Not that the driver fell asleep. Whenever I’m on the train and I hear the beep, I assume the system prevents the trains from going too fast. If the safety net failed, that’s a bigger deal to me than some tired conductor.

  • Kevin M

    I don’t find your quote in the RedEye article. Where did you copy it from?

  • Fred

    2nd page, 2nd and 3rd paragraph. Or 8th and 9th from the last paragraphs if viewed single page.

  • Disappointing to hear the drunk driver using the alibi of personal danger to try to justify his actions. The drunk driving convictions seem straight forward but I wonder if pleading that line will get him off the hook for the worst of the charges

  • R.A. Stewart

    Always a possibility in Chicago. But three prior DUIs [edit: apparently 3 arrests and 2 convictions] and a BAC of .225 eight hours later are pretty damning–that, and the most important thing of course–the fact that he’s not a Chicago police officer.

  • Kevin M

    (Doh!) I didn’t see this was a multi-page article. Thanks for clarifying for me.

    Mea cupla, RedEye.