Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. DOT Recommends Ashland BRT, Red & Purple Rehab for Federal Funding (Tribune)
  • TOD Ordinance Called “Stupid” at Meeting on Low-Parking Building by Sheridan Stop (DNA)
  • Western Closed This Weekend for Bloomingdale Bridge Transplant (The 606, DNA)
  • Rough Winter for Amtrak (Tribune)
  • No Charges for Driver Who Killed Female Pedestrian in Aurora (Tribune)
  • Rahm: Contractors Responsible for Fixing Streets Where Potholes Quickly Appeared (DNA)
  • City Will Crack Down on Construction Crews Parking on Sidewalks (DNA)
  • Trek President Talks About How He Pushes Healthy Living to Employees (DNA)
  • …But Is He a Fat Shamer? (Tiny Fix)
  • How Has Ventra Been Working for You Lately? (Tattler)
  • Cop-sicle: Officer Patrols Beverly by Bike All Winter (Beverly Review)

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  • CL

    Ventra has been working *much* better for me. I no longer get “Stop” 2-3 times on a regular basis.

    The Trek president sounds nauseating. Offering healthy food, fitness options, and doctors visits are great — I’m all for that. But personally confronting employees about their size is horrible. It’s not appropriate for the workplace, especially coming from your boss.

    He could easily encourage health without shaming people. A lot of people want to eat better and get more exercise, regardless of what they weigh, and I’m sure he’d have plenty of takers just encouraging those things. The focus on people’s bodies (their weight / size) is creepy and a violation of appropriate professional boundaries.

  • rohmen

    Burke’s comments are fairly shocking considering he is the CEO of a large company. Fat shamming or not (and I think it is), it is not the smartest move to actually pull employees aside and directly pressure them to lose weight, and I would hope Trek’s legal department pulled him aside and told him to chill out a bit. And before people fire back with the idea that obesity is not a protected class in this Country, I’d note it is actually a protected class in several cities, including all of Michigan and–ironically enough–Madison, WI, which is just a few minutes from Trek’s headquarters. If this type of conduct continues (i.e., pulling people aside and specifically calling their future at the company into question if they don’t lose weight), I also wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more areas adopt weight as a protected class in the future.

    Not to mention the fact that focusing on just getting people to lose weight alone in this country will not by itself create a healthy society.

  • VentraVent

    I still have issues with Ventra just deciding to stop my auto-load for no reason. It’s happened twice since I got my card. I have to load money at the kiosk to board the train, then log on to the Ventra site, turn off auto-load, then turn it back on. It’s happened twice in the 3 months I have had a Ventra card. This never happened with Chicago Card in the 8 years I had one. Hmmm.

  • Fred

    My in-laws live in Aurora near where the woman was killed, and I can assure you that stretch of road is no place for a pedestrian. I certainly don’t know exactly what happened, but not every driver who hits/kills a pedestrian is necessarily at fault. If the woman was walking on the road in the pitch black of night without any sort of light or reflective clothing on, she is at fault, if you ask me.

  • Alex_H

    Shouldn’t people be allowed to travel along any road that isn’t a limited-access highway?

  • David Altenburg

    I love that the article about contractors parking on the sidewalk includes the nugget about those magic vests that allow you to park anywhere. Just yesterday my coworkers and I were wondering why everyone doesn’t get a neon vest for when they need to illegally park – they’re even more effective than blinkers, and they won’t drain your battery!

  • Fred

    If the person was walking on the shoulder 2 feet from the roadway and the driver crossed a solid line leaving the roadway way to hit the walker, then yes, the driver should be ticketed or even jailed. If the walker was walking IN the roadway, in pitch black, with no street lights, on a 30mph street, with no visual aids, then the walker was at fault. Pedestrians have some responsibility for safety.

  • Jennifer

    Walk into any orthopedic surgeon’s waiting room to see whole bunches of skinny folks with huge, huge medical expenses.

  • rohmen

    If the pedestrian isn’t given a safe place to walk on a road that–as Alex_H notes–isn’t a limited access highway, I have a problem with assigning responsibility to the pedestrian when hit.

    That said, I do believe there are situations where the infrastructure itself is largely to blame, meaning the accident flowed largely out of a poorly designed roadways, and not out of the direct fault of either the driver or the pedestrian involved in the accident.

  • rohmen

    And I should clarify that I wasn’t talking about this particular incident specifically

  • Fred

    So in the event that the infrastructure doesn’t exist for a pedestrian to travel safely, there is no obligation by the pedestrian to find an alternate route or alternate means of transportation? I just don’t buy that.

    I just can’t get behind the idea that pedestrians have zero responsibility for their own safety.

  • rohmen

    The reality is that there are areas designed where there is no safe alternative to walk.

    Where I grew up in Wisconsin, it was not uncommon to have an area where 5 or 6 big box stores were lined up in a row on a fairly high speed access road. Considering employees need to get to work, and not all employees at big box stores have access and/or can afford cars (and in that part of Wisco, bus options are less than limited), people are going to be walking on roads that either you or I might not consider “safe.”

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    I just watched the Streetsfilms video of the National Bike Summit showcasing the event’s “United Spokes” theme of equity and inclusiveness in cycling. Burke seems so out-of-touch with what the cycling community is moving toward: biking facilities for all, without judgement.

  • Fred

    If you are choosing to participate in an unsafe activity, such as walking in the street in the dark, someone else should not be penalized for your choice.

  • David Altenburg

    “Would you like a dogcrap sandwich with mustard, or a dogcrap sandwich without mustard?”

    “Um… with mustard, I guess”

    “Hey! Check out this idiot who just chose a dogcrap sandwich!”

  • Fred

    Better comparison:

    “Would you like a shit sandwich or would you rather go hungry?”

    “Um… shit sandwich, I guess”

    Shit sandwich company gets in trouble when idiot dies from eating shit!

  • Alex_H

    Neither was Steven, which you would’ve realized had you clicked on the link.

  • Mishellie

    Yuuuup. I work at one :)

  • We are talking about a person who died here, so please keep the comments respectful of that fact. Thanks.


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