Today’s Headlines

  • O’Hare Line Rehab Launching in March With 5 to 20 Minute Delays for Riders (Tribune)
  • Black Workers Spend 14 More Minutes a Day Commuting Than Whites (Atlantic Cities)
  • Niles Considers BRT-Style Improvements to Its Free Bus (Herald-Spectator)
  • CDOT Adding More Crews to Combat Pothole Plague (DNA)
  • City Should Prevent Pothole Bike Crashes Before They Happen (Kevenides)
  • Streets and San Will Clear Dibs Debris Off the Streets (DNA)
  • Minister Accused of Shady Dealings While Serving on CTA Board (Sun-Times)
  • Number of Parking Tickets Issued in 2013 a 6% Increase From Previous Year (DNA)
  • Witnesses: Man Jumped From Top of Outbound Metra to Top of Inbound Train (RedEye)
  • First There Was the (North-Centric) CTA Bar Map, Now The Chicago EL Coffee Map

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  • CL

    The bus is free in Niles? Man. The suburbs have it good.

  • Anne A

    Lots of Twitter action this a.m. about the train jumper:

  • Tom Cruise

    The title for the Kevenides link seems to imply that the city should have some sort of “Minority Report” style team that is deployed to fill a pot hole before it turns into one.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Well you can’t fix stupid.

  • Stupid? Strike me as a great scenario for the opening of the next James Bond movie.

  • Matt F

    when this dude’s on the Metra he’s literally “on” the Metra

  • Matt F

    what i gathered was “if you want to make money for crashing in a pothole, you need to notify the city that the pothole exists before your crash”

  • skyrefuge

    The route looks like it was traced out by a drunken turtle, and it takes 95 minutes to complete a loop around the suburb (much of it winding down residential side streets). It was definitely pretty awesome for this pre-teen going to hang out at Golf Mill Mall, or for other people with nothing but time on their hands (senior citizens mostly), but kind of insane if time was at all priority. So it was hilarious to see the frickin’ Niles Free Bus as today’s recipient of the “mention BRT at least once a day” obsession. I’m sure even the Free Bus itself is like “WTF are you talking about?” The extremely tenuous connection is that non-Free Pace Milwaukee Ave Route 270 might be getting some half-assed version of BRT, and it’s recommended that the Free Bus stops at some of the same places as the 270.

  • duppie

    It has been done already. M-I 2 or 3 (can’t remember) featured a fight on top of a TGV flying down the French countryside.

    Never mind that in the movie, the TGV was diesel-powered…

  • Anne A

    Haven’t seen a version of this on Metra, but Spiderman, an old Chuck Norris movie and at least one other movie featured a scene with a chase in and on a CTA train.

  • Anne A

    No, the idea was that once a pothole has formed and someone has reported it, the city should fix it ASAP – not an unreasonable expectation. In the situation described in the blog post, the pothole had existed for some time and been reported more than once before the crash happened. The city had been notified of the problem but failed to fix it.

  • BlueFairlane

    The Fugitive had a scene on, I think, what is now the Brown Line.

  • Alex_H

    M-I 1! With the exploding helicopter!

  • It’s called Arterial But Rapid Transit and it’s not a half-assed version of BRT. It’s different than gold standard and differently suited for the development patterns where Pace is using it (like on Cermak Road) and where they propose to use it (on Milwaukee Avenue northwest of Chicago).

  • Don’t forget that Nissan Rogue SUVs can drive atop double decker commuter trains to bypass surface traffic congestion.

  • Anne A

    Code of Silence was a dog of movie, but made good use of location shooting. This trailer includes a bit of the El scene.

  • skyrefuge

    I suppose the repeated denigration of the Ashland MEB proposal here has brainwashed me too successfully. If the MEB is “watered-down” and “will keep city streets stuck in the 20th century”, then “half-assed” seemed appropriate to me for the Milwaukee ART, since the proposals have nearly identical features as far as I can tell (fewer stops, signal priority, but no dedicated lane). I guess I would just caution against touting the ART too much, since it opens you to easy cries of hypocrisy when you speak against the MEB.

  • Sorry Not Sorry

    In all liklihood UNION hiring doesn’t give the the clout heavy Streets and Sanitation Dept. a lot of flexibility in deploying workers/hiring seasonal labor. Also, you forgot to account for 4 hour lunch breaks that eat up half day. Hence the long wait.

  • FG

    Asphalt plants are closed this time of year, so it’s kind of hard to repair potholes with asphalt, at last a permanent repair.

    The city farms out a lot of stuff to private contractors now, such as water main replacement (and believe me, they aren’t that much more efficient and make some screw ups, such as installing new water mains above the frost line). The water department is also short on staff, since there is a huge wait for water supply replacement when there have been breaks – unless you pay extra… (in Chicago, unlike other places, the replacement is at no charge)