Today’s Headlines

  • Tunney Is Pushing for Neighborhood Greenway on School Street (DNA)
  • Kelly Will Stop Using Position on CTA Pension Board to Solicit Donations (Tribune)
  • Chicago Business Owners Endorse PBLs in New National Report (Active Trans)
  • Debunking Myths About Bus Rapid Transit (City Notes)
  • Alcohol a Factor in Fatal Crash on I-80 Near Joliet (Tribune)
  • Police Will Be Conducting Safety Checks on Stony Island Tonight (DNA)
  • New Speed Cams Installed on the South Side (DNA)
  • Klein Named Senior Visiting Fellow to Urban Land Institute (PRWeb)
  • CTA Promises to Refine Messages About Low Ventra Account Balances (RedEye)
  • Map: What Modes Do Chicagoans Use to Get to Work? (Transitized)
  • Cyclists & Community Activists Gather for Toasty Tuesdays at Uptown Bikes (DNA)

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  • Anne A

    One aspect of BRT that I haven’t heard discussed is safer winter access for passengers. As many of you are aware, snow removal around bus stops in many parts of the city leaves a LOT to be desired. This is especially true on major arterials like Ashland when you’re in less dense neighborhoods. On south side arterials like Ashland and Western, I’ve often seen people walking in the street to reach a bus stop because the sidewalk was impassable due to snow and ice. Counting on business owners, property owners and business associations to clear sidewalks is obviously NOT working.

    With sheltered BRT stops, the platforms are likely to collect less snow and ice. With CTA maintaining those stops, they should be much safer for winter passenger access than the current stops.

    The photos below are from a recent day on 95th St. I see too many along Ashland, Western, 95th and other streets that look like this more often than not in snowy conditions. We MUST do better than this. BRT can help.

  • Voltaire

    That possible School St greenway is fantastic news. Tunney is my alderman and I already sent a note indicating I’d support such a project. Honestly, I don’t know much about the specifics for what KIND of greenway would be best, so I can only hope those more informed will also make their voices heard.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    I thought the deal with the bus shelter folks meant they were supposed to clean the snow. I could be wrong.

  • Anne A

    I have sometimes seen crews driven around scooping snow out of bus shelter interiors. The adjoining sidewalks are a different story. Haven’t even seen the guys scooping snow out of interiors in a while. And there are plenty of bus stops that don’t even have shelters.

  • Guest